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    jim molnar

    with the rising star of ikart, i jogged my brain of another American kart company that had Mike Wilson designing for them before he went to birel.

    where are they today? cant find their site on the web anymore…

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    David Cole

    Doug Welch went into the ‘real world’. I believe he is living down south working, saw him at the Rotax Grand Finals briefly as he was visiting his son who was wrenching for Jake Craig.

    David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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    jim molnar

    ok that explains where they ( he ) is now….but how did he get there?

    from what i remember they had a nice kart with good to better performance and where growing good. Nothing a revolutionary as ikarts total departure from the norm of today’s kart design, but was defiantly moving forward…then??poof


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    Jon Romenesko

    Out of business a few years back, sadly. Like David said, Doug went to work in the non-karting world. His son Greg is running the racing team at Unser Racing.  It’s too bad, they made nice stuff, all machined here in the USA. And it was nice to have an alternative to expensive euro parts that were also intelligently designed.  I, for one loved the fact that they were only a 30 minute drive, too!

    S2 Semi-Pro Stock Moto - SKUSA Rocky Mountain ProKart Challenge


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