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      Justin Bloxham

      Being the operator of a local club series we are always looking for ways to improve or refine the experience for the racer. I would like to hear from people that race all around the country to get some additional perspective. What things are most important to you when you participate in a club race (not a national or regional)? Thanks for your feedback.

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      Mark Erpelding

      That the races are not allowed to turn into a demolision derby like the National races are…  If I was running a series if I saw some deliberate ruff driving they would go home with last place points..  If they say it was unintended I bet they get a lot cleaner after they go home with last place points…

      We spend our money on Racin, Whiskey and Women.... The rest we waste....

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      Walt Gifford

      Low entry fee

      Tech inspections

      Open tire rules

      Strict discipline for rough driving



      FAA certified jet engine and aircraft technician,
      Nicholson Speedway class champion 2001,
      Yamaha KT100 Service Center,
      41 years karting experience

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      Matt Dixon

      Make sure everyone gets to race. Help the new guys get the green, even if it means going around a few times before throwing the green.

      Have a mentor program to help the new guys.

      Have starters on the corner stations to restart the kids that stall.



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      andy graham

      make a big deal for the kids racing — introductions before the race on the grid, medals for all participants, separate race director for kids events, specific kids events, novice classes for newbies, welcoming and helpful staff for racers and parents, big deal presentation of trophies or checks for winners…….

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      Craig Drabik

      I have to disagree with open tires.  If done correctly, spec tires can lower costs and provide a level playing field for racers.  Our series had success with the Burris 55 as spec tire.  I ran three sets of tires for I think 14 races.  They were hard but handled well.

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      Craig Drabik

      I’ll add a few more things I think are essential for a good club series:

      1. Keep things moving along.  Consolidate classes where you can.  Nobody likes sitting through eight classes with three karts apiece racing in them, when they’re all turning similar times.
      2. Have a clear rulebook that’s available for free.  Don’t make people spend money on the WKA book or whatever.
      3. Penalize bad driving.  Use the black flag.
      4. Use the blue flag if necessary.
      5. Run a reasonable number of races.  My racing enjoyment went way up when my club stopped racing every week from April to November.  Saves money and opens up the schedule for the fast guys to run regional or national.
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      James McMahon

      Focus on family, fun and value.
      Don’t let the “baseball coach dad$ and mom$ dictate how you run your club.

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      Keith Bridgeman

      Make logical choices with the engines your club runs.   Bringing in the engine of the month so your clubs shop can make some $ is a poor choice.    Hmm I have a World Formula thats modified.  I want to race outside of my club but I have no wear to run.   Killer, done with the sport.


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      Thor Mauthe

      The one thing that a club race needs more then anything is for it to be FUN! Most people never go past that level of racing and if it isn’t fun then what’s the point. Yes its more fun to run upfront and compete but when it’s not a good fun environment to be in the why would people want to go.

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      Justin Bloxham

      Great thoughts everyone, thanks. So a few of you mentioned the need to inject a lot of fun into the events. I must say that I have to agree here. It can become pretty easy for the paddock to get stale. This raises the question then; what are some ideas on creating more fun at the club events?

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      andy graham

      team events, different track configs for practice, qualifying and finals, enduro with allowed hot pitting, moms race on mothers day, dads race on fathers day, raffle/giveaways entry with race entry, kids/jrs only events, sr/mstr only events, coverd dish cookouts free for everyone.

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      Jim Howe

      As a team owner that only runs at the club level, I’m looking for something that is fair, fun, relatively inexpensive, and good for my drivers.

      I want rules that are straight-forward and enforced equally on all. I’ve seen too many tracks where selected locals can do whatever they want on and off the track, as well as with their kart. Make a rulebook that is relatively comprehensive, simple-to-read, and then enforce it on everybody. You don’t need three dozen classes: something for kids (kid kart, junior sportsman, and junior supercan plus four-cycle equivalents), a couple two-cycle classes for adults; and a couple four-cycle classes for adult.

      Make it fun. Run different track configurations. Award some trophies, especially for the kids. Have some raffles here and there for stuff (two tires, free entry, five gallons of fuel, etc.). Run some special races every now and then — though I hate money races because they bring out the worst in drivers. Run a 30-lapper once in a while, maybe a 20-minute mini enduro. Just something different that makes it interesting. Run a tight program without a lot of dead time so we can get home at a decent hour.

      And keep costs decent. A $50 entry fee for a club race makes it difficult whereas a $35-$40 entry fee sounds and feels better (at least to my wallet). I know you have expenses but we racers do too. I understand insurance is ridiculous but keep your pit passes as low as you can. Or have areas where my people don’t need pit passes but can still watch. If your rules are straight-forward and enforced, especially dirty driving, you might find you won’t have as many on- or off-track incidents that cause your insurance rates to go up.

      At the club level, I’m not racing for fame, fortune, or ego. I’m there so I can have a good time and enjoy racing for what it is!

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      Matt Dixon

      …. See below computer dinosaur.



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      Brian Degulis

      Make sure your tech guy isn’t the type of person that enjoys telling someone things they don’t want to hear.

      Open tires. We all have prefrences for one reason or another. Any mass produced tire should be allowed.

      Have class for karts that do not fit into other classes like Aixro and non spec shifters. Tech for safty only. (Brian Wilson’s “Run What You Brung” )

      Adjust your track configuration if you can. Some events fast and easy others tight and tough.

      The most important thing is to be carefull with who’s running things. You can never please everyone but the right personalities and attitudes by those in charge can make all the diffrence.


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