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      I bought it a couple years ago from the local track.  I was told that it was professionally driven for a sponsored event at the track then retired(sold to me).  I bought it with the mentality that I would have time a couple weekends a month to get to the track and hot lap it.  Well, I’ve managed to find the time once in the last 2 summers.  Dirt bikes is my passion and that consumes my time along with 4 kids.  When I bought it, I didn’t know a thing about them and  I still don’t know much other than they are a ton of fun.  I would like to sell this to someone who will actually use it.  Can anybody tell me any specifics about this kart?  I have more pics that I can post, just not sure how the forum reacts to too may pics.  Thanks in advance.


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      Brian Mead

      Looks like a recent Margay.  I say recent because they’ve been around for ever,  out of St. Louis, good stuff. I believe if you’ve been in the sport for a while you’ve owned/ driven one.

      Yamaha can motor, package will last forever, throw a ring at it once in a while, replace clutch linings once in a while, carb kit once in a while.  For sure less broken bones than the dirt bike.



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      TJ Koyen

      Looks like one of Tony Jump’s Margay karts. Perfect for Yamaha, as it’s setup for.

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