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      Rob Kozakowski

      I think the biggest complaint with the LO206 has nothing to do with the engine, but is from people who can’t get it to fit on their 2-cycle chassis.  In In the interest of saving people the frustration and helping the program grow, how about we start compiling a list of chassis that work with ease without modifications, and chassis to avoid (unless you want to hack and weld)?

      From my experience, they’ll fit easily on:

      2012 Italkart Rapido V

      2012 OTK 30mm (Racer)

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      andy graham

      seems the birels work well…they’re in the promo video on the briggs site racing

      I know of someone here in FL that runs the one of the newer kosmics

      from what I’ve heard and seen, the CRG 4 stroke chassis is very good and the arrow AX9 4S is also a good one

      Victory Kart also makes a good chassis for the 206

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      James Frantz

      Bandit (all chassis) Made Made In the USA  http://www.fastermotors.net/BanditChassis.html

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      Gary Lawson

      Coyote, razor, mgm, ionic edge, are all 4 cycle specific.

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      Matt Nead

      The Comet Eagle is a great chassis for the LO 206 as well. 9 of the top 11 qualifying spots at the first KRA series race at New Castle Motorsports Park were either an Eagle or an Arrow 4S(the basis for the Eagle).

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      Tony Hager

      Margay has specific 4 cycle chassis:

      Margay Brava 4.15 (more tuning options)

      Margay Ignite (very reasonable entry level)

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      Aluminos makes a 4 stroke chassis now is pretty spiffy

      Posted by Rob Soares on Wednesday, July 8, 2015



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