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      Stan Stanford

      My son and I are in the market for a new chassis.  We are planning on racing IAME X30 in the Junior class.  He is 5’6″ 115 lbs.  What kart do you guys suggest?  We have only been karting a couple of years.  If you were looking into this class – what would you buy?

      Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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      David Cole

      Hi Stan,

      One of the major things to factor in when buying a new chassis is the support you are going to receive. What are your racing plans for the 2017 season? Is there a kart shop that is in attendance at the majority of the races you are planning to attend? If so, that should be a major consideration on what chassis you select.

      David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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      Charles Kaneb

      How about a Margay Brava? They’re made in St. Louis, Missouri and the tube cutting and welding is consistent enough that the frames come out of the jigs without the need for further alignment.

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      Walt Gifford

      Get a Margay, great company great chassis made in USA.


      FAA certified jet engine and aircraft technician,
      Nicholson Speedway class champion 2001,
      Yamaha KT100 Service Center,
      41 years karting experience

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      Dan Schlosser

      You can’t go wrong with the OTK products in Junior but Birel and their various derivatives (CompKart in particular) have looked really good this past year too. They have certainly closed the gap and at times outperformed the OTK brands.

      Where is home and what series are you planning to run?

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        Aaron Hachmeister

        The problem we’ve been finding is that nobody carries Birel, at least in the SE-Wisconsin area. I’ve seen a couple Fullerton’s from McAndrews, and Ricciardo is carried by a guy but he isn’t exclusive to them and supports plenty of karts so he’s usually on OTK equipment. Imo, you can’t go wrong with OTK if you’re willing to put up the money. I know Haase is trying to make a comeback in North America; you can grab a brand new chassis for $3,500, there’s just virtually no shops around the US for them as far as I’ve seen. Again, it depends on where you are.

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      Matt Martin

      The problem we’ve been finding is that nobody carries Birel, at least in the Midwest.

      https://www.mrpmotorsport.com/ ???

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        Aaron Hachmeister

        Should’ve mentioned I’m in Wisconsin. That’s a fair drive from MRP, and the only time I saw McAndrews was at the Route 66 event. I shouldn’t have said Midwest as it’s much more specific to the state than general region, my bad.

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      Stan Stanford

      Thanks for the feedback guys.  We are going to go with something that has great local support here.

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      Dan Schlosser

      In South Carolina? Get hold of Joey Mooneyham at CompKart SouthEast and he’ll get you on the right track. He should have a few other Junior TAG drivers this year.

      Can never go wrong with KartSport either whether its the Praga or FA. Great shop, great staff, great support/coaching available.

      Tiffin Willareth at Verde Speed Resources for Tony Karts – well stocked and one of the very best tuners/coaches you’ll find anywhere for Junior TAG. His history speaks for itself.

      Tim Shutt at Timmy Tech for Top Kart – another great guy with vast knowledge.

      You are really in a great area there with several brands you can’t go wrong with.

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