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    Mike Clark

    What are you monitoring with your Mychron?

    RPM is a must in my book. What about head temp? I see many don’t use a head temp sensor. I don’t think it would hurt.

    Any other care and feeding advice is always appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Taylor Young

    RPM is useful if you’re trying to find the gear and you need it to keep the Mychron working.  Also some times when I come out of a corner I check the rpm to see if it was a good line or corner.

    Head temp not totally necessary on the 206. You can’t remove the washer on the spark plug on a 206 so you can’t replace that with the head temp sensor. There’s no way to change the temp and from what I’ve heard most run on the colder side anyways. Might be useful on engine break in to monitor but just dont be a bone head and you’d be fine.

    You can go crazy with your data but as far as the engine, very little to monitor on the 206.

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    Gary Lawson

    For a 206 I monitor lap times and that’s it. Since you will always be in the rev limiter at least a little there’s no point in checking the rpm. I use gps to monitor corner speed and top speed to consider gear changes.

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    bruce jones

    Gary, what kind of GPS setup do you use?  For a 206 ( a mediocre driver) that would really help.

    Bruce J.



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    Mike Clark

    Thanks guys. I didn’t even think about the GPS.

    I was under the impression you didn’t want to hit the rev limiter if possible. I took it that you should only hit the rev limiter in a drafting situation. It will probably become apparent when driving the thing.

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    Jim White

    I’m only a 4 cycle guy once a year when I get asked to drive in the Syd White 4 hour enduro.

    What I’ve seen and experienced for 3 years now is ignore the rev limiter. Gear for the fastest lap time regardless. This event is held on a sprint track in Monterey and everyone is on the rev limiter half way down the one long straight. This is both with the LO206 and the World Formulas. On this tight track it produces the best times since you are much quicker through the tight stuff.

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    bruce jones

    Jim is correct you gear for the slowest part of the track.  Where I run, I’m on the chip about 3/4 down the long straight (about halfway down when I’m in the draft.)

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    Gary Lawson

    I use the mychron 4 with Gps addition. The mychron 5 coming out soon has in integrated.

    Rev limiter 3/4 to 7/8 down the longest straight is a good starting point. Depending on how tight or open some corners are will make you run on it a lot more or barely at all.

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    Rob Kozakowski

    Gary is 100% correct.  Mychron for lap times.  Gear for best lap times (and/or raceability – you might need to consider drafting and strategy of where it’s easiest to make a pass or how to defend against a pass) regardless of where or when you’re on the rev limiter.  GPS is nice to have, but you have to be able to understand what it’s telling you to really make use of it (another thing to learn and an additional level of commitment, but useful for those who are in it to be the best – like Gary).

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    Troy Berry

    I just got the Mycron 5 for my son (Jr 2 driver) and we are doing Revs and GPS as well. The WiFi built in makes it very easy. Downloading is quick and simple. He is already learning how to analyze his data and can see where he needs to make improvements. I highly recommend taking this step if you’re looking for 10ths.

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