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      Mike Clark

      What #35 chain do you like or not like for the 206?

      The one I used developed tight links easily. It was an RLV of which I bought a second as a spare. I am going to use them up and probably switch. Any one else experience this? Operator Error on behalf of the chain tool operator or chain problem?

      What say you?

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      Mike Coe


      We use the #219 for four reasons: First it’s what was on our World Formulas before we switched to the LO 206, we already had the clutch and axle gears. Second because I believe it allows us better gear options due to the smaller sprocket sizes.  Third (no way for me to really prove this) I think it rolls easier and lastly I think it stays on better than the #35 because there is more engagement with the sprocket, one again due to the smaller size.


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      Bernie Lacotta

      That’s pretty funny. I use 35 chain for the exact same reasons that Mike uses 219 chain ! Plus the 35 chain and sprockets are less expensive. My chain of choice is RLV gold on gold.

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      Clark Gaynor Sr.

      Just my two cents, I feel 219 is higher quality overall.  It’s used very successfully on Tags which put out in excess of 27 HP.  On the other hand, if you’re running 4 strokes, 35 is a better option.  Most vendors who support 4 stroke events will have a variety of gears and chain for 35, not so much for 219.  And of course, just the opposite for a 2 cycle race.

      That being said, we run the highest quality 219 we can get on our Leopards, and RLV Xtreme on our 206’s. Never had an issue with the RLV product.  It also breaks and goes back together very well with very little kinking.

      Just my opinion obviously,

      Clark Sr.

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