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      Chris Barrington

      If you had just one measurement for a CR125 shifter kart, would you choose water temp or cylinder head temp?

      My thought is CHT, in case the cooling system looses water.  At that point, a water temp sensor will only be reading the air temp in the cooling hose it’s inserted into.

      Wouldn’t CHT also be helpful in determining if you’re running too lean, while on track?  I know you can determine this by inspecting the plug, etc., but that doesn’t help you much while you’re tooling around the circuit.

      I’m new to 2-stroke engines, and carburetors, so any input you guys have is much appreciated.


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      Eric Alexander

      Typically, CHT is only used on an air-cooled engine (such as a Yamaha KT-100 or Briggs LO206).  If the engine is water-cooled, you want to monitor water temperature.

      As for tuning, a temp probe in the exhaust header measuring exhaust gas temps is preferred.

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      Chris Barrington

      Thanks, Eric.  I bought an H20 gauge and installed it today.

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      Greg Lindahl

      Don’t agree.  CHT is very important to tuning and could let you know you’ve lost cooling before damage.

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