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    Aaron Smeenk

    When I run my PRD fireball I notice some water on one of the head bolts. I can see some white chalky stuff where it must be happening somewhat regularly. Is this normal? or should I worry about. Its not a crazy amount but if I put my finger on the one bolt its wet.

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    Peter Zambos

    No, that is not normal.  Any amount of water is wrong.  That is, as long as it’s not raining.

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    Aaron Smeenk

    How should I go about fixing it? top end rebuild?

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    Lawrence Doty

    Should be an easy fix.

    There are 6 o-rings. 1 each for the 4 head bolts and 2 more for the head. There is also a shim under the small head o-ring.

    Drain the water, pull the head off, remove the old O-rings and check to insure you have the shim. Then just install the new O-rings, bolt on the head and refill with water.

    You should be good-to-go.

    I had the inner head o-ring go out on mine (turned the motor into a waterpump…). after replacing all the O-rings, and installing the shim that was missing, the motor ran great at the last race.

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    Aaron Smeenk

    cool thank you!

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