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      Will Wing

      Looking for a Kid Kart chassis, preferably CRG or TonyKart, but interested in any Kid Kart built from 2011-2014.    We just sold our 17 year old starter kart and want the real deal.



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      Mark Parker

      2014 Top Kart with 20 laps on it?

      Pkt lightweight everything, Ceramics, Pkt axle. Kart was never ran with stock parts but they come with it. New bridgestones with Douglas skinnys in the back and spindle mounts in the front.

      It’s basically what you’d need to run on a national level, identical setup to what Sebastian Wheldon is running (pics on top kart site)

      Available as a Roller or with a strong blueprinted comer c51.

      Spare tie rods, steering stem, wheels also included.

      I have about $2800 in the roller plus the spares and I’m open to offers.

      Between the time I ordered the kart and got it all set up and finally made it to the track I’d decided to just put him in a cadet early. When were at our track alone or with 1 other KK at best my kid just watches the 15+ cadet karts actually racing with each other and looks at me with puppy dog eyes, he said tonight he’d rather run at the back with lots of karts than be out front vs 1 or 2.

      Just an FYI, we have a FA kart (same as tony) and it’s very small and VERY fragile. I bought the top kart because everytime he crashed it was into another top kart and the top kart always drove away fine and I was replacing $200 in parts.

      Open to offers, located in NC

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