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      I’m running a TMk9b and was wondering if anyone has a technical response to which fuel is the best to run and why?  Not really looking for a popularity contest, but a qualified comparison.  I am relatively new to the shifter kart scene, and want to make the best choice for not only engine performance, but longevity as well.  I’m finding good reasons to stick with the VP, but it is either expensive or hard to get, whereas the Sunoco can be purchased for about $4 less per gallon at a local station.



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      Matt Martin

      Depends on your engine.  Is it modified?  Is it ported.  What’s the head volume?  What’s the squish?  In general even stock K9s like a proper leaded race fuel.  They can run on ms98; but I run mine on VP C12 at 20:1 with Castor 927.




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