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    Cole Sims

    I recently purchases a Vortex Rok TT and was wondering if anybody had any advice on setup regarding the motor.

    1. Optimal Water Temp? We’ve been told 120-135 is a good range

    2. Flex length? I run on a tight track that might require a longer flex length

    3. RPMs? I’ve been told they operate optimally at 16,800 RPMs

    4. External Starter? Does the motor require an external starter?

    5. Carburetor? We’ve struggled greatly to get the carburetor set up properly. On race day this was a huge issue. We bought just the stock carburetor without getting it blueprinted. We were told by the place that we ordered it that a blueprinted carb would significantly help the performance of the motor, but were hesitant to spend the extra money on something that might show little to no performance gains. So is a blueprinted carburetor worth the investment? Additionally, does anyone have any advice regarding carb settings?


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    Sean S

    Found this info for you with base line carb setup.
    I run a Leopard and have no idea on a Rok. If it helps, my water temp is avg around 140 and just hit 152 last weekend. Temp seemed really high, so I confirmed with friend running Leopard with stock rad also. Flex with a Leopard goes this way, the longer the flex for more top end down the straight (correct me if I’m wrong), so I’m not sure if I would put a longer piece in for a tight track. If you have an on-board starter then you wouldn’t need an external. People like to save the battery and starter brushes for when they really need them or a spin on track. I use mine all the time since my dad isn’t at every race with me. Hope this helps.


    Tony Kart / Leopard

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