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    seth kreibich

    2008 model Vortex RAV 125 engine kit in KF3 configuration. Engine package comes with battery, electrical/ignition system, Tillotson carb, exhaust, all brackets/mounts, air box, radiator, hoses.

    Water pump impeller, housing, seal o-rings and bearings just replaced. Compression is good. This was a $5,000 engine kit when new, KF class stuff is very nice.

    $500 plus shipping (from Charlotte, NC area).

    Why it’s so cheap: It NEEDS ignition rotor, it is not currently producing a spark. When I pulled the motor apart to replace the water pump seals I got stupid and applied heat to the rotor (which is magnetized) to loosen it up before using the puller, which demagnetized the rotor. Novice move. Ignition rotor or stator/rotor will need to be replaced. These are homologated engines and there were three homologated ignitions approved for use on the Vortex KF engines, so the parts are out there if you know what you’re doing. A Vortex distributor (OTK, J3, etc) should have access to the necessary parts, but this is just a little over my head. I’m just a hobby guy, I’ve been waiting too long to drive my kart, my patience has run out and I’m¬†switching to a more hobby-appropriate engine package.

    I’ve attached a few pics below but can provide more pictures & detail as needed, just email me at stkreibich@yahoo.com. I’ve also included a picture of it running when I was trying to diagnose the water pump seal issue, which has since been fixed.



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    seth kreibich

    I can’t seem to figure out how to post pics or video. Please email me at stkreibich@yahoo.com or text at 704-999-7zero5six and I’ll send you pics and link to Youtube vid.

    Thank you

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    seth kreibich

    Update>> John at J3 has the ignition rotor that I need and is sending it over, ignition problem should resolved shortly.

    Engine package remains for sale at $500 plus shipping – thanks!

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    seth kreibich

    SOLD! THanks EKN

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