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      scott dixon

      As you know the paddock and track has been repaved over the winter.  Here are some things you need to have and be prepared for the upcoming event:

      1.  The no long pants rule has been lifted on hot pit lane.  shorts are permitted
      2.  No children are allowed on hot pit lane under the age of 16 unless they are a participant.  All viewing of the race for children under the age of 16 will have to be behind the fence.
      3.  Trailer jack stands and stabilizing feet MUST have a board under them to support the weight.  Any holes placed in the asphalt by a competitor will be charged by the track for repair.
      4.  If there are any fuel spills in the paddock area the competitor will be charged a $500 fee/incident.  If you have a spill they ask that it be reported immediately so that it can be properly taken care of by track maintenance to avoid the fines.
      5.  The old start/finish tower has been removed and moved further down the track.  The start/finish line is now down past where the old tree was (that’s right, was the old tree is no longer there)
      6.  All canopies must be behind the designated fire lane yellow lines.
      7.  The north course section beyond the bridge was not re paved only the full course.  The section in the back will still be on the old racing surface.
      8.  Pit out and pit in areas have been painted (see here)  We must stay out of the painted transition areas

      If you get a chance please Google map the VIR track and take a look at the changes to the facility.

      Hope you are making plans to attend the event!

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      Rodney Smith

      Have heard there is some question about the configuration we are using this year.  We are running the North course.

      Hope to see you at the event!!


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      scott dixon

      VIR Pre-Registration closes tomorrow: Online pre-reg shop is available at http://www.woodbridgekartclub.com/shop, and the mail-in form is available at http://www.worldkarting.com/downloads/eb-2014/VIR.pdf

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