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      Todd Giles

      I finally finished up transferring our old 8mm films of enduro karting from the late 1960s and early 1970s in the midwest, especially Indianapolis Raceway Park.

      Click HERE

      I hope these videos bring back some fond memories!

      Todd Giles

      X Rookie X

      Red Devil Enduro Dual


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      Brian Mead

      Todd- Thank you so much for posting those films.  I hope you had great times with the family, and maybe your dad won a few. No bodywork, no kartstands, enduros that would fit in the back of a wagon, and it sure was a Mac world.  More than any of that, the background of the shots are worth their weight in gold. I’d kill for any of those cars.

      Thanks again,


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      Larry Hayashigawa


      Wow! IRP 1974 Grand Nationals footage. Was the film Reed Light or Heavy? I ran both, if I remember right, there were 144 karts in Reed Light. I was around #70 and looked left and right on the starting grid and the view was endless sight of karts. I ended up 10th in Reed Light.

      Thanks for sharing.


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        Todd Giles

        Hi Larry,

        I need to go back and watch the videos to see check. I assume you are talking about the shots of the masses of karts coming around IRP Turn 12.

        My dad ran Reed Heavy.  Said he ran the heaviest and slowest class… Because he was there for the FUN!

        Glad the video brought back good memories.



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      Shawn Welte

      Great films.  Love seeing that old stuff.

      Bug - Alley Kat II - McCulloch - Coyote - B&S LO206

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