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    Ambrose Buldo

    Below is link from Qualifying session at the greatly improved OVRP (Oakland Velley NY) Track. Track has been widened/repaved with a couple new turns added. You should check it out. It is very grippy and considerably smoother.

    I Qualified 4th in TAG Masters. Could of probably qualified 3rd, but I misjudged the S/F line. Ran on 6 weekend old MG HZ Red.

    This was qualifying for the night club race. My first kart race in a long time. Any feedback is appreciated.

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    Ambrose Buldo

    Someone inquired about the Camera. I have been running a $70 Knockoff of Go-Pro, an SJCAM 5000. I run it “Naked” on the chin of my helmet. Reason I mount it there is that it allows me to see the MYCHRON 5 in the video.

    I love the Mychron feature where it gives you the +/- segment splits for each corner. I find it to be very helpful.

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