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    I have a lean problem stuck 2 pistons today. I have run this kart for a year and a half  at the same track With no problems.  jetted for about sea level after first stick did it again After 4 laps. Changed fuel pump checked for leaks. Using t return to tank single fuel pump. Tank has no vent. I Changed nothing since last year.  Can someone give me some ideas where to check now. Thanks Ed

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    John Benson

    Hi Ed, do you have your return line restricted down ? You probably had good air out there today, jetting for sea level just to lean maybe?


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    It’s not restricted probably shoud be I was jetted 5 more richer than the other 125s. The fuel lines were full but when I revved it on the stand it sounded like a leopard tag. It revved up and down real fast and was high pitched not like a cr 125.

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    Chris Beebe

    Any news on what may be the problem? Hope you get this sorted by next weekend!

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