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      Joseph Cote

      I’m not crazy about selling this, but I simply just haven’t been using it lately due to finances, and I’m moving to Texas in the near future…so, I need it gone. I would rather see it go to someone who will use it instead of it just sitting.

      I’ve gone back and forth about selling it, but I think I ultimately may need to. I bought it last year, did about 5 or 6 full race weekends with it, and had to eventually stop. I was able to jump in and be competitive right away with it, and it is actually capable of running at the front, as verified by a local hot shoe. The kart handles great and it already pretty well dialed in for the local track. It also has a straight chassis, and a strong engine. The club out here (LVKC) are also some of the best people I’ve raced with, and they’re a great organization to continue racing with. very clean drivers, and everyone is super helpful with any issues you could have. It’s a shame I’m not able to continue, but it’s my loss and your gain!

      When I got it, I kept it fully maintained. The previous owner took meticulous care of it, and I kept it up to the same level that he did. I always cleaned both filters (one for practice day, one for race day) after each race weekend, I completely rebuilt and cleaned the carb as well as the power valve every two race weekends, I kept the chain fully lubed and always went over every nut and bolt during the week following a race weekend to ensure it was all still tight. Along with that, I also repacked the exhaust after the fourth race weekend.

      What comes with the kart:

      – Rotax Max 125 engine w/Evo upgrade (these sell for about $1500-$2000 used)
      – Sniper V2 alignment tool ($298.00)
      – two air filter elements ($15.83 x2)
      – MyChron w/datakey ($330.00/$89.00)
      – battery operated kart stand (custom made, closest thing costs $725)
      – spare gears (various gears, around $10-$20 each)
      – spare axle (hard axle, $100)
      – spare ribtect seat, slightly larger than the one currently in it ($475.00)
      – one set of magnesium wheels, one set of steel wheels ($240.00/$180.00)
      – racing suit ($250.00)
      – rib protector ($138.00)
      – tire bead breaker ($30.99)
      – folding table for a workspace ($58.35)
      – setup notes
      – two boxes of spare parts/bolts
      – spare ballast
      – two fuel tanks w/oil ratio measuring cup
      – spare kart stand wheels

      If you add up all the extras alone, that comes to $3,010.17 without the engine. The engine tends to sell for about $1500-$2000, depending on the seller and a good roller Arrow chassis tends to sell for about $2000. So, you’re essentially getting $3k worth of extras with a kart/engine setup for free.

      I paid much more than what I’m selling it for. Please, no low ballers. You can reach me by either email, or calling/texting me at 205four2seven289zero. My name is Joseph.

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      Joseph Cote

      *bump* priced to move

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      Joseph Cote

      I forgot to include pictures! sorry!

      here ya go!

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