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      I am looking to purchase a Valhalla 360 Plus for my son who is moving up to MicroMax.  Does anyone have any experience using this neck brace?  Thoughts or reviews?

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      Stewart Willis

      So, there are two competing schools of thought on the matter.  1.) limit the driver’s motion in case of a flip in order to limit the damage.  2.) Allow the driver a freer and fuller range of motion so that they have a better view of their periphery so that they can avoid crashes.

      My feeling is that most accident from kids in that age range are caused  by being unaware of what is happening around them because of all of these devices that constrain their range of motion and view.    So, I like the smaller neck collars.


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      Dustin McGrew

      I use the 360 and don’t find it uncomfortable or limiting, I barely even notice its on when driving. I prefer it over a foam collar. The foam collars are usually too tall and bulky for me and make it hard to turn my head or have any movement.. but they obviously aren’t strong enough to hold your head in a good position in a violent crash.

      The only thing I don’t like about the 360 is the locking mechanism. It likes to spin around and you kind of have to stuck your thumb it in to hold it still to unlock or lock it. Very minor annoyance. Can’t beat the price vs the Leatt.

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      Jeff Wesell

      While I can not comment on its use or comfort factor for a youth, I personally do not find The Valhalla 360 to be restrictive and have used it for sprint and road racing. Once adjusted, it’s comfortable to wear. I’ve stated prior that it is one of the best, most impressive and worthwhile pieces of safety equipment I’ve ever purchased. I would never kart race with out my Valhalla 360.

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