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      Perry Needham

      The Utah Karting Championship will crank up again in April of 2015 at Miller Motorsports Park.  Sadly the Rotax Masters Max class is all but gone with only 1-4 drivers last season.  DD2 is even worse with only one driver who ran with the heavy shifters until they kicked him out because he was beating a lot of them!

      So I’ll be running with the kids in Seniors and then add lots of weight and run Masters at National Events like the Rotax Challenge of the Americas.  I enjoy the excitement of Seniors but I’ll be 56 in March and sure would like to see a great class of “old guys” to run in Masters or DD2.



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      Justin Bloxham

      Perry, I saw your video from this summer. Are you sure you want to run a DD2 ;) The Masters class is a tough one to figure out. I’m not sure why more people are subscribed there, but I understand it struggles in a lot of areas. I have heard of one or two people talking about running that class. What do you think would get a few more?

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      Perry Needham

      Lol, yes Justin, my first choice would still be DD2. And it would be great if we could build up Rotax Masters. I’m stoked to run with all of the Masters drivers this weekend in Tucson! I’ll ask them how we could get more Masters in UKC. Thanks.

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      Perry,  We will be having a night race June 13, 2015 at Grand Junction Motor Sports track.  It will have several  DD2’s.  It will be in cojunction with KART RACING FOR HEROES event.  It is our fifth year of doing this series.  It will tie in with a two track championship  (Grand Junction and Centennial)  We would love to see you there.  See additional info on facebook kartracing for heroes.


      Craig Mansfield



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      Perry Needham

      Craig, that sounds great, thanks for offering! Unfortunately we have a UKC race the same day or I would love to be there. Here’s our UKC schedule:

      April 11, 25
      May 9, 30
      June 13, 27
      July 11, 25
      August 8, 29
      Sept. 12, 26
      Oct. 17

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