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      Dakota Dickerson

      We wanted to give everyone an update on Dakota’s condition after his accident this past weekend at the Lancaster Grand Prix. We spent the weekend in Lancaster at the Antelope Medical Center ER and brought Dakota back to San Diego on Sunday evening. After the orthopedic surgeon reviewed Dakota’s CT scan he decided we could come back home and locate an orthopedic surgeon closer to home. We met with a surgeon today at Scripps Clinic and Dakota will have surgery on Thursday of this week. The injury was significant and complex. Dakota broke his radius and ulna along with a shattered wrist. Several of the growth plates were damaged but fortunately Dakota is almost done growing. He will likely require some pins and possibly plates or rods. They really won’t know until they do surgery but it looks repairable. The prognosis for Dakota gaining full function of his arm and wrist are good with a long rehabilitation. It looks like he will be out of racing for approximately 1 year but we are going to do everything possible to shorten that but we have to wait and see how the surgery goes. This comes at a tough time as we were transitioning Dakota into Sprint cars and had plans to run Dakota in a Formula F series starting next year but now that is all on hold. Dakota’s spirits are good and he is a tough kid with a strong will to overcome challenges.

      There have been lots of karting incidents in the past years and we’ve always reached out with our best wishes and prayer of recovery. You always think its going to be someone else but I guess our time came this past weekend. I completely underestimated how amazing the karting community is until this happened. We have received phone calls, emails, and texts from personal friends, people we have never met, race teams from across the country, professional drivers, and so many who have told us they watched Dakota grow up in this sport. As a family we can’t thank all you enough for being there during this challenging time. Dakota is a quite kid but he is a strong individual and one of the most determined people I have ever met. He knows this will be one of the toughest things he will  have to overcome in his racing career but he is also 100% committed to getting healthy, returning to the track, and kicking some butt. Just look out when he returns, he will be stronger, faster, and more determined than ever.

      If you want to email Dakota you can reach him at rotaxracer80@yahoo.com.

      Thanks you all in the karting community!

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      David Cole

      Thank you Ken for the updates on Dakota. We are all pulling for him to make a clean and quick recovery.

      David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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      Rod Hawkins


      Thanks for the report. Kids heal amazingly fast. As a PT and dealing with many of these injuries, I would be surprised if it takes him a full year to be back. I would guess less than half of that. Make sure he is compliant with his PT and doing everything he can at home as well.

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      Dave Hall 71

      Paden and I wish Dakota a quick and full recovery.  As I told you in the past, Dakota is a wonderful young man.  He is a hero to Paden and took him on his 1st track walk.  Paden and I appreciate Dakota taking the time in his busy schedule last year at the Gatorz to be at the fence watching Paden and talking to him about driving after every session even when he was in the next group out or just coming off the track.  After Paden’s wreck in the Phoenix Gatorz he was right there to check on him and lightened the mood when he autographed Paden’s bent tie rod!  Dakota is truly an inspiration and we wish him all the best.  Have him keep in touch and keep us posted on his recovery and how things are going.

      Best wishes and prayers with you all,

      David and Paden

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      Dakota Dickerson

      Dave thanks for  the kind words. Dakota and Paden definately have a special bond. Tell Paden that Dakota said he needs to autograph his Kosmic Kart which now looks like a pretzel! I remember that day at the track when they formed their friendship. I wish we had more time to travel and see you guys. Perhaps during Dakota’s recovery we’ll see you at the Gatorz series because there is no way I can keep Dakota from the track and I am sure he would love to spend time with Paden doing more coaching and track walks! I’ll post sometime later to let everyone know how Dakota’s surgery went. Take care.

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      Andrew Pachon

      Thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.



      RN BSN @ Scripps :)


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        Dakota Dickerson

        Andrew can you email me at ktd@earthlink.net so I can pass your contact info to Dakota. I am sure he’d like to thank you for anything you assisted with in his surgery or post op care.

        Ken Dickerson


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      Glad to hear he’s doing well!


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      Colm O’Higgins

      Dakota…he will be back racing!

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      Dakota Dickerson

      We haven’t posted anything in a while so here is an update. The surgery went very well and Dakota now sports 6 pins in his arm. Probably coming out in the next 2-3 weeks. His spirits are great and if you’ve seen him around the track that’s because he can’t stay away and chomping at the bit to start his rehab. As soon as the pins are out he will begin physical therapy on the arm and wrist. Doc says 9 months to a year before fully recovered. We are hoping to get D back in a kart in 4 months to start practicing again and racing by April 2014. If the breaks weren’t so complex and effecting his growth plates we’d push it a bit but we want this to heal so he can make SpringNats and maybe a COA race for 2014. We’ll have to wait and see. Thanks to all of you who continually email and text D on a fast recovery. I need to get him back to racing because he is driving me nuts but I wouldn’t want it any other way!

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      Dakota Dickerson

      Dakota went into surgery at 7:00pm and got out at 11:00pm. The result is very optimistic. There is still a lot of unknown at this point but it was repaired with 6 pins and no plates or rods at this time. The pins will stay in for 6-8 weeks before potentially being removed. The big issue is that both growth plates were broken off on the radius and ulna along with a gamish of parts and pieces that they pushed back in place. We won’t know for 3-4 months if the growth plates will continue to survive or arrest. One day at at time and step by step. The orthopedic surgeon still estimated a 1 year recovery but we hope to shorten that with good positive attitude and a dedicate physical therapy plan. This was better than expected and we are going with a positive attitude. A lot of you called and texted during his surgery and that helped to pass the time, thanks again!
      The Dickerson’s
      Dakota’s email: rotaxracer80@yahoo.com if you want to reach him.

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