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    Ed Chappee

    Just want to warn everyone about Raymundo Jones.  This individual has mis-represented items that he sells.  He has not followed through on refunding money after coming to a mutual agreement regarding his mis-representation.  He ignores emails, PM’s and responses to posts on newly listed items.  He recently posted new items for sale and when I responded to the posts the items mysteriously became sold instantly.  Hope no one else has been ripped off by this guy.


    Ed Chappee

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    David Cole

    Hi Ed, please email us at news@ekartingnews.com about this. Thank you.

    David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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    Ed Chappee

    David, will send details tomorrow.  Thanks for your interest.

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    Ed Chappee

    David, email sent. Thanks for following up.

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    Chris Bany

    *Update: I paid on Nov 27, 2018 and was refunded on Dec 13, 2018.

    Names used:

    Steph Black, Steph Morris







    Phone number:
    (904) 440-4512

    Email signature:

    Steph Black – Consultant

    Park Lane Driver Management Career Management | Sponsor & Partner | Marketing Media & PR | Team Negotiations | Contract & Legal | Fitnesses Training

    Telephone – USA – 904 440 4512
    UK/Europe – 44 7749 247011

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    Dan Brown

    I can confirm that Steph Black should be avoided. I purchased a ” Like new, just back from service Mychron” from Steph Black 2 years ago, and received a completely different unit than was advertised. I got an old Mychron 3 gold that had the batteries left in it for years and was corroded beyond belief. After several months of Mr. Black making promises and excuses I filed a Paypal claim and my money was refunded. I had sent the Mychron unit into AIM to see if it was able to be repaired prior to filing the claim, and they called me and told me that Mr. Black had sent it to them previously and had been told it was no good and was not repairable. I was fortunate enough to get my money refunded, I hope that you are  successful too.

    Dan Brown

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    Chris Bany

    I feel I should add to the story of my post that the seller refunded me today via PayPal.

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