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    Bob Baldwin

    I was wondering if anyone were using this instead of the Alfano or Aim sport .

    Would like your opinion please

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    Andrew Pachon

    That is interesting. The price point is up there though ($1,295.05). Did you take a look at their tire gauge? Wow!!!


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    Evan Fraser

    Hi Bob:

    A lot of the Formula K / ROK GP drivers at my club use the Unipro kits, mostly the 6003 or 5003, and absolutely love them.  The price point is up there but apparently they’re built very well and very easy to use compared to an Alfano or MyChron.  When I have a few extra dollars I want to pick up a 3005 kit (RPM and Laptimer) which is in a way more affordable price range.

    Evan Fraser

    #43 - Formula K FK01 / Briggs LO206

    West Coast Kart Club

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    Martin Colligan

    This is what i use ..Have a mychron on my other kart and this is the best one by far ….

    try and find a used one …

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    Walt Gifford

    That cost more than my whole kart!


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    Nicholson Speedway class champion 2001,
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    Nik Goodfellow

    I may be a little bit of Mycron fanboy but the unipro software really lets the hardware down. You are just heavily limited with what you can do with it. I found myself exporting to excel to do most things useful with it.

    However if all you want to do is look at RPM, Speed, Temps and G Force (and compare between drivers) then it is perfectly adequate. If you want to do anything a little more advance, like adding calculated channels or make you own charts then racestudio with the mychron is more useful to you.

    Theres a good review of each capabilities at;



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