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      Aaron Jones

      Two italkart supersonics were stolen from my trailer parked at my office this weekend. They are 2009 and 2006 models one with yellow italkart decal kit and the other with a black kit and plane black nose kg unico nose. If anyone sees them around, I would appreciate the heads up. There aren’t too many around this area. Thanks, Aaron Jones


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      tony zambos

      That’s a shame.

      LAD Specialties customer / tony kart / rotax / kt100

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      Paolo Nunzio Licary

      Oh man so sorry to hear. Having similar year supersonics myself I can relate. I’d freak! It sounded like you were describing my karts with the bodywork description. I’m planning to sell 3 of em (an 05 and two 06’s) over the winter or in spring so don’t be surprised when you see em for sale. You’re welcome to come see them if you might be interested. After having my car broken into I’ve decided motion activated security cameras are well worth the investment. As I usually do, I’ll keep my eye on craigslist classifieds in Janesville, Milwaukee, and Madison area.

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      Sanford Mitz

      Aaron, I’m so sorry. I transferred your post to Badger Kart Forum-Everyone will keep their eyes out. I would suggest you post some pictures if you have them.

      Sandy Mitz

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      Aaron Jones

      Thanks guys- I will post some photos in the near future, I have been traveling for work so much lately I haven’t had the chance to go home and get photos. I will post some here with the serial numbers that I believe I have. The two karts were old karts, basically parts scavenge chassis (one didn’t even have an axle in it. Unfortunately they got two brand new seats and one of my heavy duty canopies. Strange thing is that they left the double decker stand they were on?!?! Thanks Paolo for keeping an eye out for them in your neck of the woods! I figure if they didn’t get scrapped that they are going to show up at a track around here.

      If anyone sees something, please contact me- ajones@caulfieldeng.com or 312-953-8547 Thanks!

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