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      Chuck Courter

      It has come to my attention over the past few days that some so-called tuners have stated that they don’t know how to tune certain brands of chassis. This is total BS.

      If you are looking to purchase a kart chassis or if you are looking for a tuner pay attention. If anyone tells you they can’t tune a certain brand/color of chassis one of two things is going on.

      1. They have an agenda in that they want to sell you their chassis.


      2. They simply are not a tuner and never will be with a mind set like that.

      Earlier this year on different occasions I was told by two different so-called tuners (they were being paid for their services) “I’ve never tuned one of these chassis before”. Guess what, neither of these people are in my opinion “kart chassis tuners” and never will be. One of them demonstrated his lack of ability and with an attitude like that neither will ever make the grade.

      Good lord, most of these chassis have all the same characteristics and respond to changes in the same ways. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a Tony, Praga, Intrepid, Birel, CRG, or what color it is, simply put if your guy can’t tune or is not willing to tune a particular chassis you don’t have a chassis tuner.

      I’m not the smartest guy in the world but I don’t think I’ve ever gone to the track without learning something that could be put to use later. That along with having fun is what it’s all about.

      It’s all about learning people. Some will get it and some won’t but please don’t charge money for something that you don’t know anything about. If you want to sell your brand of chassis or service be up front about it and sell based on your product and or service merits. There’s never much good to be gained by trying to run down someone else or their product.

      Just my opinion,

      Chuck Courter

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      Jim Silverheels

      Chuck, they are called handshakers, up in our neck of the woods.

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      TJ Koyen

      Agreed to some extent.

      Every chassis tunes a little differently, but if you understand what each adjustment is actually doing then yes, it shouldn’t be a problem working on a different brand.

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      Tim Koyen

      When you put the kart on the stand, they all push the same way.  Some people are tuners, but some are just kart pushers.

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