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    Ed Smith

    I have everything removed but it won’t split open. I can see two locating pins and it appears the case is separating but I can’t break it free. I bought some plastic body panel tools to hammer them in and force it open but can’t seal the deal (or unsealed it). Trying to replace the crank bearings.

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    John Mulvihill

    Been a couple years since I worked on a 51………..

    Make sure the gap is equal all the way around and not binding on the pins.  Put the nuts back on the ends of the crankshaft and tap on them until it comes apart?



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    Walt Gifford

    If it won’t come apart tap it back together to line it up and try again.

    When you put the new bearings in the hot case, use something to hold them down for a minute or they might squeeze back out a little.


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