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    Sean S

    I was looking at these a few years ago and forgot the name or company that made them. They were small enough were you could zip-tie the hour meter right on the spark plug wire. I just had my engine rebuilt and I want to purchase one asap to keep track and not have to rely on my Mychron. I remember the web site catering to all sorts of engines. It was showing pictures of them on ATV’s, Karts, Boats, etc. Anyone recall this company or something similar? I thought I saw a picture with TJ Koyen with one zip-tied on his engine.

    This was the closest think I could find today.


    Tony Kart / Leopard

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    Bill Cox

    Check out http://www.ShopSwedeTech.com.  They have the SCMM1 meter by Speed Concepts.  I’ve used it for years and found it a good tool.

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    Tim Koyen

    Kartsport has a really nice one that I used for awhile.

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    Sean S

    Thanks guys
    I just picked up this guy for $10 since it was about the size I’m looking for.

    Tony Kart / Leopard

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