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      Matt Clark

      Hi all,


      I’ve just bought a trailer, and currently have a Kart Lift Pro stand.  I was wondering: due to the nature of the stand (foldable) and the fact that it hooks into the rear bumper- is it OK to transport the kart on this stand (possibly using tie downs at the front and rear tied above the kart to alleviate some pressure) while inside the trailer?  Or would it be best to put the kart on the floor and fold up the Kart Lift?




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      Connor Tebbe

      I’m pretty sure you are not supposed to transport on the lift. I transported on mine for a few years somewhat out of necessity and it does put undue wear and tear on the stand. It bent the rear axle on the stand. Also if your rear bumper is a CIK type with the CIK brackets and bumper bolts IMHO you are just asking for an early failure there transporting on the stand.

      I have 3 of the Kartlift pro, including one of the vintage chrome ones. They hold up great and I’d have a hard time settling for a regular “trolly” type stand.


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      Michael Zahorski

      Matt, not sure if you’ve seen my setup in my trailer yet. Even though I have the RLV kart stands, I take the karts off of them and put the karts on runners. I didn’t want to risk anything happening if a tire on the stands went flat and happened to flip over and caused damage. I put the karts onto solid runners that should be more secure than the kart stands.

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      Matt Clark

      Michael, do you have the 2x4s mounted across the width of the trailer?  I’ll have to take a look.  I bought Eugene’s trailer which doesn’t have any paneling inside, so I’m thinking I’m going to put the kart on the floor of the trailer and strap it front and back for the time being until I figure out a better solution.

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      Tim Koyen

      The “official” stance on trailering a kart on the Pro KartLift:  Yes, it can be done, and many people do, but the warranty won’t cover anything damaged while doing so, and we don’t recommend it.  The short wheelbase that allows it to “wheelie” for turning purposes, makes it particularly hard to tie down safely in a trailer.  But its like anything… Do it right, and it can be done, do it wrong, and bad things happen.

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      Matt Clark

      Thanks Tim. No need for me to tempt fate, I’ll go the safer route and either put the kart on the trailer ground or up on some 2×4’s. Love the stand!

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      Tom Varner

      We transport with the kart resting on the frame -not the wheels – don’t want to put anymore flex on the rear axle or front end

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      Richard Kirlin

      saw this on kart lift Facebook site and I don’t see anything wrong with it, hell I’ve done it for a year and no problem yet and I have a shifter kart:)




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      Matt Clark

      I have the one with shocks, so I’m not sure I want to stress those.

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