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      William Weiler

      At the races, I notice local Karting retailers setup with a lot of Karts, a big tent and a big trailer. Who pays for all of that? Do racers affiliated with the retailer pay for it? Seems like coaching, wrenching and support would be money items not everyone could afford easily. Or is it the retailers get more business by having a high profile and supporting their racers as sponsors? In which case the retailer pays for it. Do the manufacturers, like Birel and Tony Kart pitch in? I don’t see how the retailers can make any money with all this expensive infrastructure.


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      Timothy Strawkas

      Yes the consumer pays for it in the end. Being high profile and in front is A return on investment. Same as any other commerce. Wallmart,lowes, local stores sponsor things to get A return. If they showed up in A pinto and ran top5 in A race wearing dirty ol cloths, you would think twice. If they  won it would be A different story. But making an impression is also just as good as winning…..

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