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      Adam Gorrell

      Hows it going EKN? So I have done some searching and havent come up with much so I figured I would ask here.

      I am new to Karting. I have 2 Rotax Karts and 2 Stock Moto Shifter Karts. I just picked up a brand new 7×14 Trailer for the hauling. I am looking to get the inside of the trailer dialed for my Support Rig.

      I am looking on input as to what some of you would consider your most essential gear and how much to have of spares and extras.

      I am not going to be competing this year or next year probably but may by the end of the year next year. I have roughly 12 OTK Axles, 40+ tires (Rain and Slicks), tons of gears, jets, etc. My question I guess is, Do I need or should I have everything with me at all times? I mean I obviously know if I go to my local tracks for the day if I will need rain tires or not so I am not worried about that but what would be a good number of spare tires to have on hand for each kart? I wont be taking all 4 karts out at the same time (Sometime I might with friends).

      If you were to have 1 Kart with a trailer. What would you have one you every time at the track? I can figure that out and basically multiply it by 4 to make sure I have the essential stuff on me at all times. I know I need to invest in something like the Sniper V2 and I will for sure long before I start competing, but mainly just looking to go out to the track and have fun.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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      Walt Gifford

      Depends on your level of prep and how you handle yourself on the track. If you run stuff till it breaks you’ll need just about everything you have at the shop. I take a fuel jug, chain oil, air bottle and a small tool box.


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      Matt Dixon

      I good base to get you running all day would be an extra;

      Chain, gear axle&driver, sparkplug, kingpin, tie rod, spindles R&L, Axle.

      Those items are the most common parts that cut days short


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      Gary Smith

      Talking from experience, bring extra brake parts. Nothing ruins your day more than no brakes, it’s happened to me, and I’ve seen it happen to other people. I’ve offered my help, but since they didn’t have the same brand of kart I have, they packed it up and went home.

      I always bring both of my karts incase something major happens to the kart I intend to drive. I’ve had brake cable break on first session, exhaust pipe crack, motor blow up, transmission blow up, crash with damage, ignition failure. All of these times, I was able to roll out my back up kart and continue the remainder of the day without any further issues.

      I have a rollaway mounted in my trailer, all of my consumables are in that rollaway and never leave the trailer. When I use a part, I replace it before I go out again. If I break a part I don’t have, I buy 2 and have a spare for the next time.

      That’s how I do it


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      After 15 years of endurance racing in cars, what I have learned is that before you leave, walk around the shop and grab the parts you don’t want to change at the track.  What you don’t bring with you is what you will break.

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      Rod Hawkins

      I have only raced about 6 or 7 races. Half of those races have been cut short by either crashing (hurting myself and/or kart) or mechanicals.

      Every time I think I am prepared, something else breaks. Blown engine (only my 3 time out on it), broken header (who could have predicted that?) and broken clutch. That doesn’t could the numerous broken chains or stripped drive gears I have gone thru in practice or a race. Just when I think I have everything in working order something else breaks. Last race it was my clutch and it wasn’t found until I went to start the final race. The worst part is, I had a spare kart and another spare engine I could have run.

      For now on, I am going to have both karts go through tech check, and bring both to the grid. If one has an issue right there my back up will be sitting in last place and I will hop on it and go. I can’t afford to keep going out and paying and come away without racing. One of the most frustrating things in the world.

      If I were you, I would take 2 karts ready to race and bring all the typical maintance parts (chains, gears, etc). The other kart can work as a back up or a donor.

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