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      Rick Brown

      I’m thinking of relocating from Massachusetts to the Carolina’s, we will probably be looking to by near the coast. Can anyone give me the names of some descent tracks to look into as this will factor into my home search. I would most likely want to continue to run 4 cycle but wouldn’t be completely stuck on it. I’m also wondering if there are any paved ovals for karting in these areas? Thanks!

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      Daniel White

      The premier track in NC is GoPro, a half-hour north of Charlotte.

      About an hour outside Columbia, SC, is Carolina Motorsports Park.

      An hour south of Alanta is Lamar County Raceway, home of the Georgia Sprint Karting Association (GSKA), my club. They have a healthy 4-cycle class. Short track (.26 mile) but great sightlines and good people.

      An hour north of Atlanta is Atlanta Motorsports Park, a hilly .8 mile course. They are growing their 4-cycle classes.

      There may be othere, but those are the main ones I think.

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      James McMahon

      How far are you willing to drive? There’s 5 sprint tracks within 250 miles of Charlotte..: Click for details http://tinyurl.com/km46dz3
      GoPro Motorplex, approximately 28.77 miles
      Carolina Motorsports Park Kart Track, approximately 53.02 miles
      Palmetto SuperTrack, approximately 73.11 miles
      Atlanta Motorsports Park AMP, approximately 197.12 miles
      Lamar County Speedway, approximately 245.59 miles

      Nearest paved oval is Nashville fairgrounds, 338 miles away. Not sure what their kart oval schedule looks like though.

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      Ted Hamilton

      Langley, VA has a sprint track too, closer to coast than GoPro, IIRC.

      2014 Praga Dragon / IAME KA-100

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      Rick Brown

      Wow I’m actually quite surprised by this! I thought there would be a lot more options in this region!

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      Daniel White

      Seven years ago GoPro, CMP, and AMP didn’t exist. Karting is starting to grow the corridor between Florida and the Midwest with some well-developed kart tracks (GoPro) and higher-end multi-use facilities (the other two).

      Hopefully, the karting industry will continue to add state-of-the-art, modern tracks that will help grow the network.

      It seems to require a massive investment, but I think NCMP is the model, and the one that GoPro followed, with multiple income sources:

      1. big-time lifetime karter involved

      2. Rental karts & a rental kart league (perhaps the single-most important feature)

      3. Within an hour of a big city (one with a racing culture helps)

      4. Retail & internet sales

      5. Connected to an importer

      6. Driver coaching / trackside support

      7. Hosts national races

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      Daniel White

      Add: 8. garage rental space

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      John Anderson



      Where is the track in Langley, VA? Does it have a website?

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