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    David Cole

    I’m just going to put this out there, because it is not the first time I’ve seen it during an on-board video this year, and it probably won’t be the last until WE, THE RACERS, do something. Please look at this picture and tell me what you think is wrong with it.

    David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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    Matt Dixon

    Brilliant place to park


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    TJ Koyen

    It’s so easy to be complacent and say “oh, that probably won’t happen…” Everything that COULD happen, even if it’s unlikely, needs to be addressed in this regard. If someone goes off there, the running board of that truck is going to do a great job stopping their face. The rest of their body, not so much.

    Also, there appears to be a lot of concrete walls…

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    David Cole

    Yes, this is more than one time I have seen a vehicle that is not a kart standing out in the open while a kart race was going. Unfortunately, I was not at any of these events. If I had, I would be the first one to stop any on-track action until something was done.

    Every event I go to now, I review run-off areas around the track, and try to address them with the track owner/promoter if I feel there is something dangerous and a potential danger.

    Every racer, when doing their track walk, needs to take some time to look at run off room, and be sure there is nothing that you or someone you are racing with, could come into contact with.

    David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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    Debbie Kuntze

    Oh it happens! And it also happens in the pits when someone is fooling around in the kart and ends up under a motor home. (Happened at a sprint track across from where we were having a road race.) why would they let someone park there!

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    Jim Derrig

    My personal favorite is when the recovery trailer (for rescuing the broken kart) is parked in the infield somewhere, apparently for the convenience of the track staff.  Really nasty thing to hit, full of sharp angles, etc.

    It’s all about awareness folks.  The good news is that every time I’ve seen something like this and pointed it out, something has been done, as usually the situation was created by someone who wasn’t thinking and once the error is pointed out  to the staff–who are busy handling 1000 things–they go “crapp you’re right, thanks for noticing” and move the obstruction.

    Or, you can keep your mouth shut and hope you aren’t the unlucky soul who hits it.

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    Rodney Smith


    You are 100% correct in this situation!  If someone had pointed this out to us we would have moved it immediately.  At WKC we try to take every precaution necessary to make it as safe of an event as possible.  Brandon Taylor our race director goes out of his way to make sure competitors are racing in the safest conditions possible.  This was clearly and oversight by the corner worker working the area.  Also want to point out that this picture does not do the corner any justice it is a left hand up hill turn and not flat as it kind of appears in the picture.  I am no where near trying to make and excuse as we all know things can end up where you never expect them.

    Anyone attending a future WKC event see’s something like this please let myself, Brandon or any other Board of Director know and it will be resolved as quick as possible.

    Thanks again for pointing this out and we will see that it does not happen in the future.



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    David Cole

    Thank you Rodney for your post. This was not to put WKC in a bad position, but to alert racers that they themselves need to look at safety issues at the events they attend.

    No matter how the track goes, there is no reason to have a vehicle exposed as it is in this video. Daytona KartWeek is another, where they have a vehicle sitting out on the long back straight that the corner worker used to drive out there. That should be behind the wall.

    Sprint tracks have a number of fencing or other obstacles exposed all over the country, and its the racers responsibility to bring this to the attention of all the other racers. You can never be too safe.

    David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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    Jeff Wesell

    A fellow racer/friend of mine wrecked into the back of a safety truck parked adjacent to a trackside.  While out of site-line as not to make it alarming to any racers, said vehicle moved to different position while track was conducting kart pick up during “green” practice session.   While on track (the racer) spun out on track and rolled backwards into the rear bumper/hitch of the truck.  Shoulder, Arm and Helmet took the hit.  Other than some minor cuts and bruises- he was fine.  Thankfully, very very lucky I say to have only had that.

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    Rodney Smith

    Thanks David for your reply. As we all know there are many movings parts to the weekend. Anytime a competitor has a concern I agree they need to be able express it to the correct folks.

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      Kelly Read



      As a promoter, racer, etc I’m glad to read that we have racers looking out for hazards!!!!  Those of us who put races on don’t always see or hear of hazards around the course or even in other areas with all the other things it takes to put an event on and having someone come to us letting us know, only makes things better for all as we are not perfect either!!!! This brings up a VERY IMPORTANT POINT that ALL racers needs to be ware of along with this needs passed onto ALL racers. With there help, we ALL can make our sport safer. I have NOW added this to my driver’s meeting notes to pass onto the racers at future events.

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    Ray Chiappe

    NASCAR drivers always seem to find the wall with no Safer Barriers.

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    Dennis Chappell

    Don’t want to start anything but, while standing with everyone else along the front straight at Blackhawk the thought of karts getting together and where they may end up sent a chill down my spine. People standing on guardrail hanging half there body over it. I want to see the race from the best possible spot, get the perfect picture like everyone but I would hate to see what could happen if a kart was to come over that guard rail.  I was at a sprint kart track years ago and seen two karts get together one kart got airborne cleared the fence and landed in the pit. I sat in turn one on the hill at Eldora for a Outlaw race and had Steve Kinsers gas tank land inches from me with fuel pouring out. There was a wall and fence between me and track.  Just like to hear what people think, maybe its just me.  Would also hate to see karts band from these tracks.

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    David Cole

    I agree. There are a number of areas at the facility that need to be looked at regarding safety for not just karts, but racing in general. Talking with a car racer, they do not allow people along the track wall, and must remain back at the pit wall. They should probably make that wall taller, to help keep the race cars inside the race course to prevent any possible issues.

    The pit in wall should be angled, so the wall is not directly pointing at the karts head on. The main building and pit out should be redesigned as well.

    Thankfully, they have tire walls in certain areas, and the wreck in the Animal class left the two driver involved with just bruises and smashed up karts instead of serious injuries. I would love to see more tire wires in certain areas at certain tracks across the country. I’ve seen it work at Mid-Ohio, and now Blackhawk.

    David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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    Dennis Chappell

    David I agree for sure on the pit in wall, that looks real scary for a car let alone on a kart.

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