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    Robert Lawson

    As requested I am starting a new thread.

    I really wanted to see that other one make 100K views before moving on, that’s too cool!

    Lets hope this solves the speed and loading issues.

    To start, I’m personally SUPER excited about Nelson Ledges getting on a schedule…. and a 3 day GIG at that!!!! Would have preferred to see it replace the FALL MIS date in the schedule but someone much smarter than I must have it all figured out. I have said from day one, my interest in Nelson was to get karts back there and we will be there with bells on. Unfortunately, it will probably keep us from making that long awaited return to M-O. Hence the Aug/Sept wish for a date at the Ledge……

    We have lots planned for the Winter and getting ready for the Spring Test at Grattan.

    So, here is the current status update :

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    Robert Lawson

    Just wanted to share this….

    Nelson Ledges, August 25 2017:

    Its just Chuck and I, Bobby K came out too, checkin’ it out and shootin’ pics. Fred is the Track Manager, he shoved me off. No EMT’s or corners on sight so Fred said “just take it easy….”

    I’m told the curbs are in now, that will help with turn in sighting. It looks so different with all the trees gone. Plenty of flat groomed infield grass to camp on too! There is a 5 minute video at the FB page, take a look. It has the repave and some nice drone footage.


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    Robert Lawson

    Hope everyone has a safe trip and racing at Daytona this weekend.

    The forcast looks terrible, warm for sure but T storms Fri & Sat with rain on Sunday? Long way to go to not get much done, lets hope they get some track time in.

    I’ll be watching the race monitor to see what shakes.


    I am working on something new for next fall, also have reserved dates for Grattan in April AND May 2019. This gives us the best opportunity for a full weekend of testing in the Spring.

    Cool stuff coming, it will be April before you know it!!!!

    Happy New Year Y’all


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    Robert Lawson

    Under a bit of a rain delay at Daytona here on Saturday… they got 4 races in then have been in a holding pattern since.

    I spoke to JW at the Speedway, was most interested to hear if Jim Brannon actually drove the GSXR600 kart that JW brought down. John said he did… “It didn’t behave…”   So I’m guessing that it just got squirlly at speed. I’ll find out more tonight.

    I can let the cat-out-of-the-bag and tell you I helped in selling brother Kenny’s refurbished track ready enduro kart this week. Chris West is the new owner of this kart, its an ARC PP that he will run on a pipe. Best part of this news, his primary use will be for Track Day action and turning lots of laps! I’ll put him on the top of the list for this Spring!! Welcome back Chris.

    Spent the first 1/2 of the day helping brother Rich move-in a couple doors down. We are both looking forward to spreading out, getting our karts in our garages, and working out some details for the Spring. Can’t wait to start letting the sparks fly on the project karts, especially that 4 stroker…. someone is gonna have fun in that thing!

    More soon!


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    Robert Lawson

    UPDATE: Results are Unofficial, last 4 races had been shortened.

    There was a red flag during the F100/Yam S Hvy race group. They did get restarted and finished their shortened race.

    JW set fast lap of the day in Unltd. at 1:54.712 on his 3rd of 10 laps. He held a 23 second lead early, it came down to 19, then finished at 21 over Brian Wilhelm (1:56.557) on his new 250 laydown package. A good number of SK drivers down there from what we saw on the RM and the phone videos on FB. Not sure how many were on twins like JW.

    More from Daytona tomorrow.

    PS: with 12 minutes to go in the last race group (5:29pm edt) its getting dark!!!!

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    Robert Lawson

    Again, unofficial results from Unltd Sunday:
    All race groups were shortened due to AM fog!

    JW won again, lost his brakes/brake issue, best time was lap 1 of 10:  1:53.019 and was just able to hold off Brian Wilhelm by 1.184 (thats close!) who ran a best lap of 1:56.189 on lap 9 of 10….. so he must have been gaining the entire way with JW struggling. Good Job guys, glad to hear it was a safe weekend for all.

    I’ll tell ya, that is an astounding feat. 1:53 in a sit uppity type kart like an Anderson is pretty darn impressive. Now that its over, I am looking forward to working on a project for JW this year for Daytona 2019 (GOD willing!) We will see, LOTS to do here now and still tripping over this post surgery recovery. I hurt it this week trying to do more than I should out there, thought I was gonna wet my pants it hurt so bad. At a month out, its still real sensitive and limited on R O M.

    FORTUNATELY….. I can drive my kart with 1 hand!!!! Its THAT good!!!   :)

    So, hope everyone has a safe trip home from Daytona and a safe and Happy New Year Celebration!!!


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    Robert Lawson

    Some updates from above:

    1. Brother Kenny delivered the kart today, Chris is pretty excited about April!

    2. JW made a transaction with Jim Brannon in Daytona for the GSXR kart, Jimmy is now the new owner of the 600. It just got uncontrollable at speed over any bumps in the track surface. JW and I agree, we should have added a bunch of wheelbase to that kart. With all that HP a standard SK legal set-up was just not going to work as a 250 does. I’m glad he found a home for it.

    3. Got back out in the garage and started working on the Project Kart. Also it was a nice 48 deg day here so we got karts off loaded from trailer. Rich has his kart at home and mine is back in the garage too. (with antifreeze!) Plenty of room out there now to spray sparks without damaging anything!

    Rehabin at home here, its going very well! Instead of 2 x per week at PT I’m doing resistance band training and pully streches at least 1 x per day and if I get sore or stiff I just take a day off. Range of Motion is getting better, slowly!

    I’ll get some video up tomorrow. Its a New Year guys…. cant wait to get going!


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    Robert Lawson

    This is the train wreck of a video I shot this afternoon. Its a mess but all the things I have been working on are there….and its less than 9 minutes!

    Take a look:

    If you want to know how we extended the chassis to add wheelbase just visit the channel, the 2 videos from Saturday are right there.

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    Robert Lawson

    The April Test dates are in:

    Saturday & Sunday April 13-14 2019 @ Grattan Raceway

    The intention is to do the full weekend as we had planned last year. I’ll handle it the same way, anyone paying for the full weekend will be refunded the difference if we only do the 1 day.

    Which single day will depend on the weather, obviously.

    Plenty of time for details, but, both of the first 2 weekends in April were available. I chose the 2nd and will stay in contact with the Boys about any developments on the calendar.

    These dates will get filled, the “tuner car” guys are now renting 3-4 times a year and seem to have the same dates in mind as we do. Their group is growing, when they first came out they had maybe 15 cars. (4-5 years ago) Last Mothers Day weekend they had about 50 and are breaking them into groups. They will soon be looking for full weekends as they offered to buy our Sunday last Spring!

    Much much more to come, stay tuned!


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