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    Robert Lawson

    As requested I am starting a new thread.

    I really wanted to see that other one make 100K views before moving on, that’s too cool!

    Lets hope this solves the speed and loading issues.

    To start, I’m personally SUPER excited about Nelson Ledges getting on a schedule…. and a 3 day GIG at that!!!! Would have preferred to see it replace the FALL MIS date in the schedule but someone much smarter than I must have it all figured out. I have said from day one, my interest in Nelson was to get karts back there and we will be there with bells on. Unfortunately, it will probably keep us from making that long awaited return to M-O. Hence the Aug/Sept wish for a date at the Ledge……

    We have lots planned for the Winter and getting ready for the Spring Test at Grattan.

    So, here is the current status update :

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    Robert Lawson

    Just wanted to share this….

    Nelson Ledges, August 25 2017:

    Its just Chuck and I, Bobby K came out too, checkin’ it out and shootin’ pics. Fred is the Track Manager, he shoved me off. No EMT’s or corners on sight so Fred said “just take it easy….”

    I’m told the curbs are in now, that will help with turn in sighting. It looks so different with all the trees gone. Plenty of flat groomed infield grass to camp on too! There is a 5 minute video at the FB page, take a look. It has the repave and some nice drone footage.


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    Robert Lawson

    Hope everyone has a safe trip and racing at Daytona this weekend.

    The forcast looks terrible, warm for sure but T storms Fri & Sat with rain on Sunday? Long way to go to not get much done, lets hope they get some track time in.

    I’ll be watching the race monitor to see what shakes.


    I am working on something new for next fall, also have reserved dates for Grattan in April AND May 2019. This gives us the best opportunity for a full weekend of testing in the Spring.

    Cool stuff coming, it will be April before you know it!!!!

    Happy New Year Y’all


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    Robert Lawson

    Under a bit of a rain delay at Daytona here on Saturday… they got 4 races in then have been in a holding pattern since.

    I spoke to JW at the Speedway, was most interested to hear if Jim Brannon actually drove the GSXR600 kart that JW brought down. John said he did… “It didn’t behave…”   So I’m guessing that it just got squirlly at speed. I’ll find out more tonight.

    I can let the cat-out-of-the-bag and tell you I helped in selling brother Kenny’s refurbished track ready enduro kart this week. Chris West is the new owner of this kart, its an ARC PP that he will run on a pipe. Best part of this news, his primary use will be for Track Day action and turning lots of laps! I’ll put him on the top of the list for this Spring!! Welcome back Chris.

    Spent the first 1/2 of the day helping brother Rich move-in a couple doors down. We are both looking forward to spreading out, getting our karts in our garages, and working out some details for the Spring. Can’t wait to start letting the sparks fly on the project karts, especially that 4 stroker…. someone is gonna have fun in that thing!

    More soon!


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    Robert Lawson

    UPDATE: Results are Unofficial, last 4 races had been shortened.

    There was a red flag during the F100/Yam S Hvy race group. They did get restarted and finished their shortened race.

    JW set fast lap of the day in Unltd. at 1:54.712 on his 3rd of 10 laps. He held a 23 second lead early, it came down to 19, then finished at 21 over Brian Wilhelm (1:56.557) on his new 250 laydown package. A good number of SK drivers down there from what we saw on the RM and the phone videos on FB. Not sure how many were on twins like JW.

    More from Daytona tomorrow.

    PS: with 12 minutes to go in the last race group (5:29pm edt) its getting dark!!!!

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    Robert Lawson

    Again, unofficial results from Unltd Sunday:
    All race groups were shortened due to AM fog!

    JW won again, lost his brakes/brake issue, best time was lap 1 of 10:  1:53.019 and was just able to hold off Brian Wilhelm by 1.184 (thats close!) who ran a best lap of 1:56.189 on lap 9 of 10….. so he must have been gaining the entire way with JW struggling. Good Job guys, glad to hear it was a safe weekend for all.

    I’ll tell ya, that is an astounding feat. 1:53 in a sit uppity type kart like an Anderson is pretty darn impressive. Now that its over, I am looking forward to working on a project for JW this year for Daytona 2019 (GOD willing!) We will see, LOTS to do here now and still tripping over this post surgery recovery. I hurt it this week trying to do more than I should out there, thought I was gonna wet my pants it hurt so bad. At a month out, its still real sensitive and limited on R O M.

    FORTUNATELY….. I can drive my kart with 1 hand!!!! Its THAT good!!!   :)

    So, hope everyone has a safe trip home from Daytona and a safe and Happy New Year Celebration!!!


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    Robert Lawson

    Some updates from above:

    1. Brother Kenny delivered the kart today, Chris is pretty excited about April!

    2. JW made a transaction with Jim Brannon in Daytona for the GSXR kart, Jimmy is now the new owner of the 600. It just got uncontrollable at speed over any bumps in the track surface. JW and I agree, we should have added a bunch of wheelbase to that kart. With all that HP a standard SK legal set-up was just not going to work as a 250 does. I’m glad he found a home for it.

    3. Got back out in the garage and started working on the Project Kart. Also it was a nice 48 deg day here so we got karts off loaded from trailer. Rich has his kart at home and mine is back in the garage too. (with antifreeze!) Plenty of room out there now to spray sparks without damaging anything!

    Rehabin at home here, its going very well! Instead of 2 x per week at PT I’m doing resistance band training and pully streches at least 1 x per day and if I get sore or stiff I just take a day off. Range of Motion is getting better, slowly!

    I’ll get some video up tomorrow. Its a New Year guys…. cant wait to get going!


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    Robert Lawson

    This is the train wreck of a video I shot this afternoon. Its a mess but all the things I have been working on are there….and its less than 9 minutes!

    Take a look:

    If you want to know how we extended the chassis to add wheelbase just visit the channel, the 2 videos from Saturday are right there.

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    Robert Lawson

    The April Test dates are in:

    Saturday & Sunday April 13-14 2019 @ Grattan Raceway

    The intention is to do the full weekend as we had planned last year. I’ll handle it the same way, anyone paying for the full weekend will be refunded the difference if we only do the 1 day.

    Which single day will depend on the weather, obviously.

    Plenty of time for details, but, both of the first 2 weekends in April were available. I chose the 2nd and will stay in contact with the Boys about any developments on the calendar.

    These dates will get filled, the “tuner car” guys are now renting 3-4 times a year and seem to have the same dates in mind as we do. Their group is growing, when they first came out they had maybe 15 cars. (4-5 years ago) Last Mothers Day weekend they had about 50 and are breaking them into groups. They will soon be looking for full weekends as they offered to buy our Sunday last Spring!

    Much much more to come, stay tuned!


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    Robert Lawson

    Been back out in the garage, this time mounting a rear auxilary radiator for testing in April.

    I have also contacted MIS about doing a track day out there in the Fall. The idea is a pre Daytona test for those serious about finding a hot set up.

    This would be an Oval Only Test. Anyone serious about contending at Daytona would find this a 1 of a kind opportunity regardless of class or kart type.

    Me, I would like to see just how fast my lumberwagon will go!

    Anyway, I have not heard back yet from the Speedway but I do know from a very reliable source that they will not restrict our access or format. Its not cheap, but with the right number of guys (and $$$!!!) anything is possible!

    Be back soon,


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    Robert Lawson

    Watching the 24 @ Daytona here online and checking in during a commercial!

    Just a heads up, karts will have an opportunity to get on the newly paved Waterford Hills Sports Car Course during Waterford Club – Car race weekends. Full details are coming but it looks like 6 weekends this Season, full weekend program mixed in with all types of race cars.

    I’ll provide all the details and contact info when I get it. Will make a great testing opportunity as well.


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    Robert Lawson

    My Bro is heading out to Waterford Hills for their meeting of the racing club this coming Wednesday. Info on what is to be offered to karts will be along shortly after. I believe the noise level is going to be an issue but we will see next week.

    The subzero weather looks to be ending this weekend, here in the Detroit area it will be back into the upper 30’s Sunday & Monday. I’ll get back out in the garage tomorrow and start working on that intake box for the auxiliary rad. Still have to replace the fuel tank yet too. We’ll get a temp plastic tank on there for April just to get out and test.

    More video coming, stay warm out there boys!!!!!


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    Robert Lawson

    More conversation needs to take place on the Waterford Hills program. That issue could go a couple different directions. “Racing” during a full car event program OR “Testing” with F500’s and Miata’s on various other dates. Both require a minimum # of karts to be feasible.

    My Bro got into this as a proxy for a friend, now it looks like more work than it may be worth. I’ll keep posting what I hear up to the point I get a solid contact handling it.

    Be back soon!!!



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    Robert Lawson

    It was cold out there today so my play time was short! Getting the kart ready for April – 1 project at a time!!!

    I shot a quick video, it uploaded OK but is being delayed in the publishing process. I’ll post it when its done.

    The past week has been very productive. Cleaned the joint up and consolidated much of the stuff in the Garage. Well overdue. Moved a bunch of things over to Rich’s place, we will do glass and paint in his Garage!!!! Found our old banner, it was a mess. Had been rolled up and sitting for 10-12 years with tire dust from the Indoor karting place on it. I finally got it looking respectable and hung it on the wall. Think we had that made in like 98′ for the Troy OH Winter swap meet, displayed all the bodywork in the stands at the Ice Rink!!! Good Times! Also found a bunch of framed pics, rolls of developed pics, plaques & trophies…. a bunch of junk! The Garage is getting to feel more like the old place now.

    So, just a heads up, we have just 9 weeks until April 13-14 so start making plans. In a few weeks I’ll come to wake Y’all from yer slumber and start collecting!

    Movies comin’



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    Robert Lawson

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    Robert Lawson

    Some changes and a lil more progress:

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    Robert Lawson

    Back out there today and glued up the “skin” panels on the model. This isn’t the quickest form of Modeling but its dirt cheap. We have many Composite Supply Shops nearby with all the junk you can think of to use but its not at all cheap. And, we are making this “moldless” because its simply a test bit so its much much cheaper than a full blow model-mold-part production.

    If you want to follow this (Part 3 video up now) or other stuff we’re doing just keep an eye on the YT channel:


    There are almost 200 videos on there, helmet cam… some tech/mech/fab, DIY stuff, Big Daddy even thumps you with some Scripture now and again! We have over a dozen different playlists of things to look at. Overdue for a “Garage Talk” clip with the Bro’s!!!! Soon, very soon!!!

    I hope Y’all are working on yer stuff…. if not, come over and help me!!!

    Be back tomorrow!!!


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    Robert Lawson

    No workie today, the weather is just a mess! Digging out melting ice….its WINTER!!!!

    I did shoot Y’all a quick update though:

    “….gimme a break, I’m on a roll!!!”

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    Robert Lawson

    I have also contacted MIS about doing a track day out there in the Fall. The idea is a pre Daytona test for those serious about finding a hot set up.

    This would be an Oval Only Test. Anyone serious about contending at Daytona would find this a 1 of a kind opportunity regardless of class or kart type.”

    The Speedway is currently looking into the dates I sent them. I have been corresponding with them this week, no issue has been brought up about running ONLY the Oval with karts.

    Obviously nothing in stone yet but I don’t want to waste my time and theirs for nothing. So….

    This may be a bucket list gig guys. Where else will you get the opportunity to run a Super Speedway without a road course?

    It brings back fond childhood memories of the “Speed Runs” at Daytona back in the 70’s. I spoke with Bob Cole about this today, he has some memories of this long lost opportunity  as well. After practice day concluded you could pay a fee and run what ya brung, one kart at a time, and set an average speed (lap speed). My Pops got a Certificate from the Speedway “100 mph Club” as he ran 118 in a Margay C-Open owned by Gene Kurlonko. Geno had just run 112.5 (he was much bigger than my Pop’s) in the same kart and gave Pop’s some “pointers” on what not to do to go fast! No body work in those days, and they ran 100+ on Good Year Blue Streaks and Carlisle Super Slicks. That alone was nuts!

    So think about it, I’ll update Y’all when I know more.


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    Robert Lawson

    Still no word back from MIS, not surprising, I was told they work a bit on the slow side out there…

    I have been working on the kart though, among other things……

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    Robert Lawson

    Again, you can see all the installments of what we are up to at the YT channel:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU__d49WpYDlKa7VRiCL9Ww

    Here is the final clip from today:

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    Robert Lawson

    Grattan Spring Test Update coming soon. I’ll have all the details begining of next week.

    If you haven’t already, put a big red X on your Calendars April 13-14. I’m getting anxious with all the things we should have to try. Maxxis is working on a front tire for us, we should be testing that and some different config’s on rear tire/wheel combos too.

    Stay tuned, business is about to pick up!


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    Robert Lawson

    Closed Private Kart Test – Grattan Raceway April 13 – 14 2019

    Friday 4-12:
    for Trailer drop off or Paddock/Garage entry and camping after 6pm. Gate closes for the night at 10pm unless you have made prior arrangements for late arrival.

    Saturday 4-13:
    Gate opens at 7am. Only Drivers and Crew Members will be admitted inside the Track unless prior arrangements for non participants/spectators have been made. ALL others will watch from outside the Circuit, Management may require signing a Waiver to be on the Track grounds.

    Drivers Meeting at 8am.  This is mandatory, do not arrive late to the Track. A required Track Prep List for each kart must be correctly filled out BY THE DRIVER of that kart before you can get on the track. It must be signed by an Official and a participant sticker will be issued. No sticker on kart, No kart on track.

    Track is Green at 9am. We will run non stop until a kart is reported off Circuit by a Marshal. At that time a 15 minute clock will start, no one will have to sit for more than 15 min and upon going green if the first kart on track goes off we will always get at least 15 min of testing time before pick-up. Be aware, we may have 2 groups in the AM  for New or Young participants. We will take a Lunch break at 12:30. On Track activity ends at 5pm.

    Sunday 4-14:
    Gate opens at 7am.
    Drivers Meeting 8am
    Track is Green at 9am

    Lunch Break at 12:30pm
    On Track activity ends at 5pm

    Single Day Driver Fee: $220
    Weekend Driver Fee: $320
    Jr Driver Fee: 1 day – $120, weekend – $200
    (if min Participation met, contact for details)

    You must pre pay. Entry deadline is April 1st. (this is not a joke!)

    Send check or Money Order payable to:
    Robert Lawson
    17731 Ivanhoe
    Roseville, MI. 48066 
    *Please include Driver name, number of Crew and kart class*

    *** NOTES:
    > We will not stop Green running for the gate, BE ON TIME!
    > PayPal payments are pending at this time.
    > Pit & Paddock Pass Fees are pending at this time.
    (may be included in entry/or required by Spectators only)
    > Race Gas availability is pending at this time.
    > 2 day Participants are required to date & sign their Prep List each day.
    (this does NOT require a 2nd form, email of advance copy of form pending)
    > We will only accept Single day entries for Sunday after the Weekend
    Lease is secured.
    > Dinner will be provided Saturday Evening for all Drivers and Crew.
    > Camping is Free.
    > Garages are Free and open to First come.
    > Gate Closes Saturday Night at 11pm.
    > All participants to pit in Upper Paddock.
    > All times are tenitive and subject to weather and track conditions.
    > Entry is NON refundable, NON transferable and NON negotiable!
    > A single day Test may be necesarry if participation requires, a weekend
    entry would then be refunded the difference.

    To inquire about late night arrival, format, scheduling or other questions send email here: f-125@hotmail.com

    6 weeks Guys…. it will be April before you know it!

    More soon,


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    Robert Lawson

    In speaking with Sam this week we talked about the latest rumors of a pending sale. I had heard yet again of some type of deal to sell the track.

    He didn’t give me the same ole poo-poo story and play it off this time. He said there are multiple players at work trying to cut deals to buy them out. He went on to explain that the bookings this year are in stone and nothing will change, regardless of any sale taking place. IF it were to sell, they (the Family) would contractually stay on through a transition period.

    It sure sounded to me, unlike ALL the other times I have asked him about a “sale” in the works, that they are ready to let the place go. He explained all the possibilities. The good news of a sale is it would surely lead to many upgrades that are long overdue. The bad news is that any change will obviously be reflected in the lease price.

    An annual lessee would probably be given first refusal of any dates from new Management but anything can happen.

    A newly revamped Grattan Raceway, at a much higher lease rate, may be attractive to a healthy Karting Org. Then again, agreeing to pay more may still put you on the outside looking in (VIR). Simply jacking up the entry fee without adding to the total number will not fly when Fee’s have not changed at places like M-O or Pitt Race with the same turn outs. Karters may be cheap…. but they aren’t stupid!

    NO SALE HAS TAKEN PLACE, but……………………

    I suggest you take advantage of all the track time available at Grattan THIS year.

    More to come!


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    Jerry Revely

    Revely’s will be down for the two day weekend.

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    Robert Lawson

    You would have needed a darn good reason to miss the Annual Family Reunion Bro!!!


    Punxsutawney Phil predicted an Early Spring! We have had a cold spell like Y’all but its ending here right quick. We will see low to mid 40’s this weekend and next. No, that’s not “karting” weather but all the ice and snow should be gone from the grounds out there. That’s a start. We will have just 2 weeks to put this all together…… or Cancel.

    The New Year this time has been extremely quite, I am usually chasing stragglers by now but we got nothing going as of yet. No need to post info any earlier because I wasn’t getting any feedback.

    I predict mid 60’s out there the 13-14, I just hope it is US whom are enjoying it and not another group!


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    Robert Lawson

    I have a date for an MIS Oval Test!

    They are holding Sunday October 13 2019.

    I might be looking at this as a kid looks at a new toy, but you just dont get opportunities like this very often. Very surprised how affordable this is for an ISC Speedway. Maybe because they don’t have to do any prep of an infield, placing barriers and such, or just that they will not need to open any walls (other than the crossover for entry). Who knows, but as details become more clear I’ll pass the info along. Now, the Insurance shopping takes place!


    This much I can share:

    *Oval ONLY!

    *It will be an 8 hour day

    *We will drive the karts to and from our pit in paddock

    * I will provide a flat trailer/tow back

    * Lunch is on me too

    Man this would be huge fun, I sure hope we can pull it off!

    More Soon!!!




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    Robert Lawson

    I’m starting to get some inquires and e-mails for Grattan so that is good.

    We will get a plug next week on the Real Kart Racing Podcast with Greg Wright and TJ Holingsworth. Not sure just yet how or where to watch live but I can find out. Lets hope that helps!

    Rain here last night removed all but some small bits of snow where it was piled up. Its in the 40’s today and I’m looking at a 62 deg forecast with rain for Thursday. Warming up but also must consider the ability of snow & rain water to find a place to go!

    Just 3 weeks for a go/no-go  call to the Track. I have to give them time to book the date if We don’t get enough interest. Get that check or MO in the mail, I can always send it back guys!!!!

    More to come!


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    Greg Wright

    Robert, I think the fall MIS thing just might have legs.

    Greg Wright
    Rapid Racing Inc.
    Vintage B-Stock Pilot
    "When in doubt Gas it, It won't help but it ends the suspense."

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    Robert Lawson

    Glad you stopped in Greg, I was just going to post the link to your Podcast.


    If you would, drop in or send TJ over and let us know when its live so we can participate. I spoke with TJ today and will be sending info for April and October for Y’all to share on the Show.  Yeah, the MIS thing is a real strong possibility. Still waiting on a few things but so far we are on the same page. Good sign!

    Was back outside today planning the next bit of work to be done before testing/racing.

    April is coming quick boys, just inside of 3 weeks now to the cut-off point.

    “I’ll be baaaack” :)


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    Robert Lawson

    In just about a week you will have to had put something in the USPS to get it to Detroit by the 1st.

    Looking at the expected weather pattern I might be very close in calling for a daytime High in the 60’s. The overnight stuff looks to be a bummer though with lows in the 30’s still.

    I get it, too cold for most….. I feel it too!  The weekend lease at this point is all but lost, any chance at a single day is quickly falling apart as well. Its all good boys, the few of you on board will have to join me in doing it the old fashioned way….. watching the weather for the first race weekend and making a call to go there!!!!!!

    It has been a very strange off season. No interest in October, no motivation through the Winter, Spring bringing mild weather not enough to wake up & get going…… I’m gonna keep pluggin away at it here and maybe July wont be so hot this Summer! (then again, that would be a GOOD test for the aux rad!!!)

    Talk to y’all next week.


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    Todd Stoffer

    Still have yet to rebuild my motor, but I’m in for a test day. Just let me know how much.

  • #101233

    Jerry Revely

    Get the money to Robert. He works hard to put together these test days. He shouldn’t have to chase after people.

    Thanks Robert for the work. Hopefully we can have enough people for a single day.

  • #101350

    Robert Lawson

    Spoke to Sam, things are slow so he gave me another week to find enough drivers.

    I have been scratching names off the list as payments came in this week. If everyone on this list sends an entry we will be able to do a Single day.

    Saying that, I dont believe everyone that asked for details is going to send an entry, so, we need to find a few more guys just to cover my a$$. 2-3 over and above the list here would make me feel better thats for sure.

    I have also contacted a few “Car” guys to see if they would be interested in testing if we get close but not quite there on $$$. This will be a last resort as we would then have to split the total time to give them a few runs.

    Good news is we now have a choice between Sat or Sun if weather becomes an issue. Always nice to have a back up plan! Everything is in the mix right now, I’m doing the best I can with what I have to work with Y’all!

    More to come!


  • #101405

    Robert Lawson

    I’ve got some deflating news.

    Nothing has really changed on the track day front, we still need every last one of the guys interested to pull it off. As stated above, I guess we’ll give it the rest of this week.

    Bummer is, I’m out!

    My leg started hurting again Friday/Saturday and it got much worse over the weekend. Doc said I have another clot, he put me right back on the Xarelto and said…. “I’m sorry, You may be on it for good.”

    If we get enough $$$ to do the track day I’ll be there to run it for you, but I can not participate.

    I’ll let Y’all know how this thing works out no later than Sunday AM (4-7-19)


  • #101469

    Robert Lawson

    No sense dragging this on until Sunday.

    I would already have informed Sam that we will be canceling if he had answered either of his phones!

    So that’s it, we have officially canceled for April 13-14 2019.

    I’ll get the few payments I have heading back to you Monday, in the mail.

    Myself and 1 other guy, knowing we could not participate, had ponied up an entry so the rest of you could turn laps. This HAS happen in the past as well by a few other regulars. It takes a dedicated group of folks, cant remember the last time we didn’t have a Spring Test at Grattan scheduled….. Times they are a changin.

    I will finish my kart and get it all back in one piece, wrapped up & packed up, ready to run in the chance sometime in the future I can drive it. If not, the plastic tanks will stay bright & clean forever!

    Any questions shoot me a note. I’ll check back in, I have more details about the MIS gig later this year to work out and share yet.

    Talk soon!



  • #101580

    Robert Lawson

    I sent all the payments back today.

    Dennis, sent your T-Stat back too! Give me a call when it arrives.

    Feeling much better, the leg is pain free and the shoulder is about as good as its gonna get. No complaints! Doc has temporarily kept me out of the garage and away from saws, drillin, grindin, hammerin, etc. Basicly just keeping aware of my surroundings and not to do anything that could result in injury until I speak to the specialist in a couple weeks.

    I’ve turned the corner, if I’m out for good then so be it but I’m not giving up on the chance to get in the kart again. We’ll see. Everything happens for a reason!!!!


  • #101619

    Robert Lawson

    Everyone should have received their return payment by now, if not let me know. Todd told me to save my stamp on his, we’ll have to do a video with the Check Burning and the updates done to the kart in prep to test. The fuel tank set up turned out nice.

    Back soon,


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