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      William Weiler

      I notice Briggs says to check head bolt torques every race but my torque wrench is for automotive use and doesn’t do that small of a torque. I see these small 1/4″ drive torque wrenches for bicycles. They are many different prices points. Is there a torque wrench that people like?

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      tony zambos

      Take the spec you need for the head bolts and any other bolts you might want to torque (like maybe a spark plug), and search the internet. I use a 3/8’s drive one that was left over from work. It’s scale is in inch/pounds. Recommend the type that you set the torque value by turning the end of the handle and the head clicks when the value is reached. Wouldn’t go over $100. A $50 one should be just fine. I saw a range in prices from $19 to $400. You don’t need the $400 variety and I’d stay away from the cheap beam type that has a pointer and a scale to read the torque values off of.

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      Matt Martin

      get a beam/blade type – they’re cheap and accurate.

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