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    Craig Whitfield

    Hey guys I’m back again.

    I ran Dallas karting complex this weekend with my Tonykart evk shifter. Unfortunately I found it really difficult due to the kart loosing grip mid corner. The initial turn in was great but it would let go and slide out mid corner.

    The tires just didn’t wear either so getting heat into them seemed difficult because of the strange surface and dkc. Can anyone guide me into a basic setup at dkc please?  The basic setup on the Tonykart just didn’t work.

    Should I dial more castor in etc to give it more bite?



    Craig whitfield

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    TJ Koyen

    If you’re struggling mid-corner with oversteer (being loose at Dallas is an impressive feat) I would be doing the opposite and dialing grip out of the front. If turn-in feels good, then you probably have too much front. Narrowing the front would be the first little thing I would do to test.

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      Craig Whitfield

      The track was very strange on Saturday.

      I definitely went the opposite way and put to much front into the kart thinking it would help.

      I’m heading back in a few weeks so will give it another shot.  I remember the first time I went I had to much grip so I will go back to the narrow front.

      I put the front way to wide on one run on sunday and it was 1 second slower.

      Thanks TJ

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