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      Derek Lynch

      Hi all,
      I’m new to karting and just picked up a used Tony Kart. I’m told it’s a 2006. The engine was built by SharkShifter in Oregon and has about 6 hours on it.

      I’m trying to find out if it’s a “mod” engine or stock.
      I’m also trying to sort out some fueling issues but I think I’m on the right track… I took it to my local track for a shakedown but seemed to not run great on the top end. After investigating, I found the PO had a 205 main jet which seems way to big from my research and should have maybe a 175. The pilot is a 55. I haven’t looked at the needle yet.

      I have a photo but how do I upload that?

      Any help is appreciated!

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      Derek Lynch

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      Sanford Mitz

      Some indicators of Mod 125 are:

      Non-OEM ignition

      “O” ring head

      Spacer between the cylinder and the block

      V Force Reed Cage

      Not definitive, but upload some pictures

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      Derek Lynch

      Thanks a bunch… It has two base gaskets (cylinder to case) and no apparent head gasket so I called SharkShifter and verified it is indeed a mod engine. I also got some advice on jetting for my area to start with.

      Do I use something like photo bucket to upload photos?


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      James O’Brien

      That had a 205 Derek? Wow, that’s a ton man. Even for a MOD. No wonder you were having problems. Hope you got it narrowed down.


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