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      Rod Hawkins

      Anyone happen to have the tony evx set up specs? I know I found them once but can’t seem to find them. Just bought a used one for a great price. Would love to have the numbers as a starting baseline and adjust from there. Seems like for some reason they are very difficult to find.


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      Clark Hadden

      Build the Chassis mount your seat to your height spec. Put your choice of engine on Chassis Sprocket, Chain and tires. Add fuel/mix. Maybe a little Caster and don’t touch the chassis. Just drive! The sweet spot is a mile long…

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      Mick Gabriel

      Seat setup is critical PM me.

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      Rod Hawkins

      I got the seat placement dialed in by someone that is very familiar with setting them up. He just didn’t have time to set up the front track and I was just looking for a hard copy of the baseline setup so I know where to go when I adjust certain things.

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      Rod Hawkins

      Thanks, ¬†found some info online, but it wasn’t easy (this is for an EVXX, which is close and different tires)

      Set Up sheet – Kart Model: Tony Racer EVXX

      Condition: Normal Grip Circuits
      Date: 2010
      Tyre : MG Yellow Tyre

      Rear Track: Tony Kart wheels, rim to rim, o/side to o/side; 1385mm (1390mm max.)

      Usually 1385 and leave

      Front Track: Tony Kart wheels,

      Top of inside front rim to centre of kingpin —- 125 mm_135 mm (start at 130 mm)

      Rear Bar: out

      Front bar: in and flat (we also have three types of round torsion bars)

      Rear ride height: STD, i.e. chassis middle

      Caster: add caster if circuit is twisty/tight (can be driver dependant)

      MG tyres normally require additional caster,

      Rear wheel hubs: standard i.e. 85mm

      Rear axle: Tony type N (H is harder, P or E is softer)

      Front crash bar: Usually tight

      Front lower crash bar: tight

      Front ride height: STD i.e. middle of c section

      Seat stays: one per side (for more rear grip add additional stay to brake side)

      Side pods: loose

      Tyre pressure: 10_10.5 psi

      Front Hubs: 80mm long (std on Racer EVXX)

      Toe out: 2mm total

      Wheel Type: Tony Kart magnesium wheels all round

      This set up sheet is for circuit that offer normal grip levels for the duration of the event.

      It is not intended for a Green circuit or a circuit that has worn out stones.

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