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    I have a ton of Mychron stuff for sale. I am shipping from Europe so I prefer selling all in one package. It is all US versions and most if not all was bought from Acceleration. There is still warranty on some of it as well. Here goes…:

    3x Mychron 4

    1x Mychron 4 2T

    2x GPS 05

    1x Expansion module

    2x Magnetic pick up

    2x Optical pick up

    4 x M10 water temperature sensor

    2x Heavy Duty EGT sensor

    1x Data key

    1x gas/brake pedal position sensor

    1x brake pressure sensor kit including T-connector

    1x powered data hub

    Various extension cables and connectors

    I just checked current retail pricing on Fastech, which sums up to $3,000. I am selling everything at 40% off/$1800 including free shipping from Europe. I guarantee everything is working and if not you just return to my California address and I will refund you.


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    Dustin Flores

    Anybody want to go half or thirds? Its a great deal!

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