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    Rod Balding

    Hi ,

    I have bone stock TM K9c that has worn through the plating under the exhaust port , it has been plated once already according to the previous owner ,  I want to stay stock so I have 3 options :

    1 – Buy a new “C” cylinder .

    2 – Hope someone has a low hr. used stock “C” cylinder (no port work)

    that I could buy at a decent price .

    3 – Re-Plate my cylinder and if I do that , who do you recommend , he said

    Power Seal USA done it the last time and they seem to have done a good

    job blending into the ports , unknown hours but has the 2nd size up

    from stock bore (53.94) .




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    andy graham

    Millenium is the known throughout the motorsports industry as the best of the best when it comes to replating.  I’ve also have excellent results from Langcourt in Alabama.  Whoever you use, just make sure you send a brand new piston with the cylinder you want replated.  Don’t use any shop that tells you that’s not necessary.  Good luck.

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    Glenn L Riggs

    I have a 9b cylinder is on second replate and not run since is pretty much stock the b and c are pretty much the same. Have also 9c 1 replate pretty much untouched inside  250 for B and 350 for c shipped  in usa. Both very good condition. e mail at kart777@aol.com Thanks Glenn

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    Rod Balding

    Thanks Andy , and Glen I sent you a PM

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