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      Daniel Wendel

      I have a TM K9b I have recently had a few issues with the gearbox getting stuck in a neutral between gears.
      For example coming out of a corner in second pull for 3rd and get a neutral, pull a little more and it would pop into 3rd. It would be fine for a while and it would eventually do it again, it seems like it happens most going into 3rd, sometimes 4th.
      What should I be looking for in the transmission.
      I am not that familiar with kart or bike style gearboxes. My knowledge is automotive.
      It seems like the ratchet mechanism for the  drum seems to not popping to the next  detent between some gears. Causing a False neutral.

      Daniel Wendel

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      Glenn L Riggs

      The only problem I have ever had with a tm gearbox is the little springs in the front of the ratchet assy. If you go to one of the tm dealers you can see these springs in the pictures. You would need to take the clutch then the cover off looking at the engine the upper left is where the drum is located in the drum is the ratchet and the springs, it will get to the point that it will only go into 2 gears because it won`t come out of the previous one. Hope this helps.

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      Part # 16012 2 are needed.

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      Daniel Wendel

      So the little springs get weak over time and not able to ratchet the drum correctly. That would make sense why it is doing that.
      It looks like there is also an adjustment pin for the return spring. What is the proper procedure adjust that? I see the lock nut and the the cam adjustment screw. I want that adjuster to hold the ratchet tabs into both drum detents?

      Thanks for your help guys.

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