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      Scott Newton

      I need to service the gearbox oil in my K9B engine, but having never done it before in this engine, and being unable to find any kind of a service manual, I have some questions:

      1) what do I fill it with?

      2) how much?

      3) which plug is the fill plug?  Do I use the “vent” hole?  What about the two screws on the side by the clutch plates – are either of them significant – or are they just holding the case halves together?

      4) is there a level screw (fill till it spills)?

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      Steen Carstensen

      Search is your friend, took me all of 15 sec. to find this. It a good reference page for all TM ICC.

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      Matt Martin

      I do 500mL of Synthetic ATF through the vent-port plug.

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      John Kwong

      Here is my experience with transmission fluid levels.  I did a rebuild this past winter on my K9B and used this thread as a resource for the amount of transmission fluid to use.  I put in the 500ml and the motor didn’t seem to have the same over rev or mid and top end power.  Spoke to another competitor and Joey from Overdrive and dropped that transmission fluid down to 300ml.  The motor has now come alive on the top end and is very snappy.

      John K

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      Dennis Chappell

      Check out SwedeTech web site they have all the info you should need.


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