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      Tom Jazwiecki

      hello everyone,

      I am wondering what the real world rebuild schedule is for a recreationally run/club raced TM K9? These series motors are all over, so, guys running them, how often are you changing pistons, doing crank rebuilds, main and countershaft bearings?

      What I have seen so far is:
      Ring 2-3
      Piston 6-8
      Lower rod bearing and thrust washers 7-8

      If run responsibly and not wound out every run, oil changed regularly, am I really splitting the cases every 8 hours to pull and rebuild the crank?!? Come on…

      Also, are torque specs just to be guessed upon based on materials ( i.e. hardened steel bolt in aluminum case, etc?

      Any help here would be appreciated!

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      Steen Carstensen

      I normally follow Italian Motors maintenance schedule, you can find it here, http://italianmotors.com/collections/engines-complete-tm/products/tm-k9b-125cc
      Look under the set up, and also note the torque specs.

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      William Martin

      along these lines of “specs” how does one tell the difference between a normal production crank/rod assembly and the “factory” parts?

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