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      Jason Berry

      I have checked all of my TM inventory and I am going to sell all of it in a single lot. What I have includes

      1 SwedeTech prepped TM K9C cylinder w/ National Level Porting (double crown) – Fresh Plating Job with clean up and porting done by SwedeTech (Cylinder has national championships assigned to it) Sized to 53.93

      2 set of MISC TM Reed Sets – New
      1 set of SwedeTech TM Reeds – used
      1 set of SwedeTech TM Reeds – new

      Below all SKM brand 50mm 428 ERGAL Sprockets
      2 23T used
      2 24T used
      1 25T used
      1 26T NEW
      1 28T NEW

      Below all TM Brand counter shaft sprockets
      1 16T U
      1 15T U
      2 17T U
      1 17T N
      1 16T N
      1 19T N

      misc. base gaskets
      misc. head orings
      misc. exhaust gaskets
      misc. intake gaskets

      For everything, I want $1000.00 (cash price).

      My personal account and my personal opinion. This is not the opinion or commentary of my employer, or any sponsors, current and future, wishing to expand their advertising to a loyal customer base.

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