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      Matt Clark

      Hey guys, my brake bolt that holds my pads in snapped this past weekend, and I had to borrow one at the track as no one had one in stock. I have a race this coming weekend, and was wondering if anyone had the dimensions of the bolt (labeled K in this diagram) so I’ll be able to stop my HD/Lowe’s/Fastenal locally to pick one up? Thanks in advance!


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      Matt Clark

      Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe it’s a M5 thread bolt, I’m just not sure of length.

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      Walt Gifford

      Good luck finding that one in a hardware store. Common problem with that kind of retainment. The aluminum pocket gets punched out and the pads start hanging on the bolt under braking. Are you using aftermarket pads that are too small for the caliper pocket? That little bolt is not supposed to hold the pads against rotation, that’s why it’s snapping.

      Drill everything out and use 1/4″ will help a little if you have the meat in the pad tabs. Just make sure it’s a high tensile strength bolt and drill it for a cotter key. You can easily measure the length with the two caliper halfs together. Allow an extra 3/8″ for the nut.

      Don’t know why they can’t make a pocket with a replaceable steel piece. Just another example of kart parts that are made to last 3 races.


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      tony zambos

      Call Franklin Motorsports or Comet Kart Sales or an OTK kart distributor near you in the morning. You’re not going to find that bolt at a hardware store. Order the locking bushing and nut as well.

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      Matt Clark

      Heading to a specialty fastener store today to hopefully find a stand-in.  I’m not opposed to having a long 3/16ish (I think that’s the diameter) bolt drilled to have a safety pin catch at the end, as long as it fits the fail safe barrel that sits between the pads.

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