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      Ace Rossi

      what is the tire of choice in a stock Yamaha lay down kart with full body using a pipe or can?

      Also what is the official class name that this kart would run in? Is it simply referred to as Yamaha pipe heavy, light, medium etc or what?

      Back in the day it was referred to 100cc piston port light and heavy etc., boy how times have changed!



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      Bruce Peck

      Questions were asked and answered here recently about tires:

      Laydown Enduro – 5" or 6" wheels

      I think you’ve indicated you’re running at Roebling Road so I believe the WKA class structure would apply.  You can see WKA’s class descriptions here:
      There’s Yamaha Med/Hvy for pipeYamaha Sportsman Lt/Med/Hvy for the sportsman can on a stick
      Then there’s 100cc Pipe which is all piston ports including K-71, Comer P-51 etc.

      If you’re running the AKRA/Dart Kart series, their classes are here:
      Essentially the same but with a bit different offering for weights.  The “piston port” class is now called “Classic Controlled” and allows the older 100cc controlled engines in there as well.

      Hope that helps.


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