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      Bryan Williams

      After leaving the grid and the couple laps before the green, what is the best way to get your tire temps up the fastest. I’ve seen the slow/med pace with allot of back and forth and also the wide open style. Has anyone ever tested to see what works best. When run the bridgestone ylc’s

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      Tire warmers, Bryan! ;) Too bad I let Lewis Hamilton borrow my set, not to mention Rusty won’t let you use them :)
      Just pay attention how Fast Freddy Does it, you’ll learn Lol, but you have to stay behind me, YOU CAN’T PASS ME! Or else you won’t learn. :)

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      No, all kidding aside.
      Just leave the grid at the last minute, give the rest of the field about 1/2 a lap or more, and then start pushing hard side by side all the way till you catch up before the green flag.

      Then your tires will be a lot hotter than the rest of the guys. Except me, as I will be doing the same thing next to you ;)
      My 2 cents. Fast Freddy ;)

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      TJ Koyen

      Assuming tire scrubbing is legal in your series, long scrubs from one side of the track to the other will generate the most heat. Quick little scrubs back and forth do almost nothing.

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      How rude!
      Not even a thank you, or yeah I’ll try that, Thank you guys, or nothing!?
      You know TJ and I have feelings too.
      That’s it! I’m gonna shove you off the track again, just like that one time you went flying, and no one could find you. :)

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      Bryan Williams

      Hey sorry Freddy. Just saw the responses. It was just a thought I had the other day. Thanks for all the comments from everyone. And I’ll try not to pass you Freddy, until the last turn.


Viewing 5 reply threads
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