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      Mike Clark

      What are the pros and cons of the different type of tire tools out there? (other than cost) My main concern is how much is overkill and would rather a smaller footprint/less cumbersome setup.

      On bead breakers do you prefer a the type that break both beads at once or do you rather the type that require the wheel to be flipped?

      The  Kart-Lift Tire Changer seems pretty nice.

      What do y’all use and like or don’t like?

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      Mike Bruce

      I really like the Turbo Tire Changer. Fast an easy to use, breaks both beads at same time.

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      Craig Drabik

      I use the single sided bead breaker and tire tongs.  I’ve gotten good at getting the tire over the rim by hand.  Usually at the track we have two bead breakers, so we set up one for the front rims and the other for rears.


      I’ve also used the tire whiz.  It works fine, but the tongs are easier and can be used to get the bead over the rim for mounting if you want.  I’ve never used any of the other tools.  I’ve never been able to justify the additional costs to myself :)

Viewing 2 reply threads
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