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      Todd Kageals


      I need a new tire pressure gauge.  Here’s what I am looking for:

      1. Accurate/Repeatable
      2. Durable (dropped my last one ONCE and it quit working correctly.
      3. Cost?  Well…..I don’t want to pay $300 for one!
      4. I’d like to be able to use it on the karts and my cars so I need a range up to about 60 lbs (at least 45).

      Anyone got a recommendation?



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      Ray Mcik

      this is the compressor i have mounted in my trailer, works well and you can hand carry or leave it mounted with 20 ft coiled  hose .

      I bought it at Walmart for $50 bucks about 8 years ago and has served me well, has just enough air to seat new tires on the rims..

      Campbell Hausfeld  2 Gallon Wall-Mountable Air Compressor


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      patrick j slattery

      I use a Longacre digital which I used for Karts and My Spec Miata,  its a 0-100 psi, very accurate and measures in tenth of a pound.  I paid about $100 and will buy another if I ever need one.  I have used this for 4 years already

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      Todd Kageals


      Which model Longacre.  I saw one on amazon but the reviews were not very good.

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      patrick j slattery

      Longacre 53000, slightly different than mine as it is 0-60 psi


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      John Cleveland

      Todd, found this one to be accurate and didn’t break the bank.






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      Tim Koyen

      I had a Longacre digital one for awhile, until I realized it was 2 lbs off, then it hit the junk pile.  One of the nicest I’ve ever used is the Intercomp digital, but it was pretty pricey at nearly $300.  The one I use now, and that is quickly becoming the standard with tuners, is the Hi Prema, made by Prisma.  KartSport distributes them and they are generally around $200.  It has a 76lb max, with .1 lb resolution and a 4 tire memory.

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      Ray Mcik

      I have this one and love it, although it is hooked to my air compressor ,

      I can air up the tire then bleed off the air to get the exact pressure I want .

      glows in the dark with a big number  dial indicator for old eyes…






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