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    Francois Detroio


    Im little bit confuse with all the tire brand.  I try to find on internet a chart that compare most popular tire brand ( mojo, mg, vega, bridgestone…) but cant find anything.   My son run mojo d2 ( they came with when i buy) on a birel c28 with a lo206.  The track is on concrete so its pretty long to get grip.  Many people run on vega blue, but i look for use tires and vega blue are hard to find in use(for now we lap for practice is 8 years old) i can have a good price on mg green (yz) or bridgestone ykc and yhc but im not sure if its more sticky than the mojo d2.  What would you recommand?  If it may help we run at Icar (mirabel, quebec).  Also, the cadet kart run four front wheels.



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    tony zambos

    A couple of suggestions.

    1. Use the Forum’s WTB (Want to Buy) section. List the size and the manufacturer of the tires you would care to purchase. Include your city or zip code so the seller can give you an idea of shipping costs. The last time I shipped tires, the cost was about $40.

    2. Ask the people at your track if they have used tires to sell. They would probably want to make a couple of dollars selling the tires to you instead to paying money to have them recycled.

    3. If you plan on having your son race at some point, know what tires are required.

    4. If you have a kart shop that visits your track, or there is a kart shop near you, give them a call.

    5. You might just have to buy a new set. They’ll last longer for you. You are also going to need special tools the did-mount and mount the next set of tires. This is where friends at the track or a local kart shop would come in handy.

    Good luck

    LAD Specialties customer / tony kart / rotax / kt100

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