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      Bryan Williams

      <b>S</b>o that tag class I want to run this next season gives you the option of running evinco reds, mg yellows or bridgestone ylm. I know the evinco reds get sticky as hell but not sure about the longevity. The only bridgestone tire I am familiar with are the ylc. As a cost saver I possibly looking to run a set of tires for two race days with no practice time on them only race. Any suggestions?

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      TJ Koyen

      MG Yellow and Evinco are essentially the same tire, but the MG seems like it lasts a little longer. That would be my choice. No experience with the B’stone YLM. If it’s comparable to the YLB it replaces, it’ll be slower than the MG but offer a bit better durability.

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      Brad Alan

      Bryan, thanks for starting this thread, I’m going to piggyback off of it a bit…

      TJ, thanks for the insight regarding MG’s and Evincos.

      Does anyone have any advice regarding the MG Yellow vs Hoosier R60A for road racing a 125 shifter?  I’ve used Hoosier R60A’s and B’stone YLB (YLM) in the past and the Hoosiers outperformed the B’stones.  I’m curious to see what others think regarding MG Yellow vs Hoosier R60A.


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      Gary Lawson

      The Hoosier will give you better performance and much longer life.

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